The Shameful Case of the Sacklers (Part 2): Oxy Rising

Here in Part 2 of The Shameful Case of the Sacklers, I talk about the development of OxyContin and the shady practices used by Purdue to push the drug on the American public.

Much of the information for this series comes from the book “Empire of Pain” by Patrick Radden Keefe.


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  1. I've done so much oxy in my life. At its heyday oxy was going for a dollar a milligram. The real oxycodone is now more expensive bc its so hard to get so the cartels now press fake oxy pills that have fentanyl in them. They are super cheap to buy and extremely deadly. What the Sacklers started will continue for decades more, if not forever.

  2. I feel like the ideal solution is to find a good balance between only prescribing morphine and other opiates for terminal cancer pain and prescribing it for any sort of pain at all. There are people with long-term pain related to diseases that will not kill them, but will be it will still improve their quality of life if prescribed correctly.

  3. 43:00 Nothing shocking here about big business funding both sides so that they never lose regardless of who gets in. The US government is, and always has been, a corporatist racket (ref: Murray Rothbard's History of Money and Banking in the United States).

  4. Great video. I wonder if in 10 years you'll make a similar deep dive into Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc. and their ties to politicians, media, thought influencers and supranational organisations like the WHO.

  5. This is a fantastic series of video essays, but it does highlight how greedy pharmaceuticals have contributed, at least in part, to the antivaccine movement, which has itself caused considerable grief in many countries around the world, as they battle to get their population immunized.

    The issue is, many people somehow conflate corruption in big drug companies with bad science, reasoning that these companies cannot be trusted to produce a vaccine that does not have dangerous side effects, when they are so apparently willing to do the public great harm with many of their other products.

    As much as antivaxxers annoy me, it is at least to some degree, understandable that their is a degree of mistrust. My own view is that a vaccine is a very different proposition than a medicinal drug. Given the whole idea of a vaccine is that it should be given to vast numbers of people, most of whom are supposed to be healthy before they take it, then drug companies cannot afford to fuck around with potential bad side effects, as it could ruin their company, if not through litigation, then through reputational damage.

    In my opinion, the fundamental science behind vaccines, along with their long history of efficacy (who really wants the horrors of Polio back in our society) make vaccines a no brainer that everyone should get behind, but it is a fact that the greed and corruption behind the companies that make money from them, does the science of vaccines no favors, and its pretty damn depressing.

  6. I don't know if you'll see this, I suck at YouTube. Thank you for making this video series, I can't wait until your third installment.

    I want to ask why the oxycontin 15 IR and the oxycontin 30 IR (called Roxycodone) wasn't mentioned in episode 2? I was first prescribed my own percoset at age 16 due to endometriosis. The 15s and 30s got me hooked, the ERs were a little disappointing. Opana made me so strung out I finally got clean. But then I, of course, made the Sacklers more money by having a suboxone script for the next two years after that. Clean 8 years now.

  7. I was 20 when I got hooked on pain pills during a period of intense back and neck pain as I underwent university exams – a year later I was on heroin. I'm in recovery now (5 years later) and in a much better place, but I'm glad these scumbags are getting the bad publicity they deserve. I'll always take full responsibility for the actions I've taken, but these guys are scum for what they've done to millions of people, including their marketing of valium.

  8. This makes me furious. A whole company where all at the top are content to fuck over an entire country, cause an unprecedented drug addiction epidemic, break the law to do it and all to line their already bulging pockets! People like them are scum.

  9. This video could not have come at a more important time, bravo.
    Also, Erowid, WTaF 🤣 I knew I liked this channel for a reason but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.. Long lost family! Finally an answer! 😅

  10. The real take away here is how the average family practition docotor doesn't have a strong grasp of pharmaceutical effects of most medications. Hey, US nurses, did you get that whole "pain is the 5th vital sign" stuff in school? Say thanks to the drug companies for that! Now we have upper management at these huge health care companies yelling at thier medical staff to give more opioids so Joe blow boomer who just had his knees done don't leave the equivalent of a bad yelp review.

  11. The Sackler family's behavior certainly lives up to the reputation their ilk have cultivated for millennia.
    Swindlers, liars, money grubbers, manipulators, nepotists, etc etc

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