The Shameful Case of the Sacklers (part 3): Evil Triumphs

The final part of my 3 part series about the Sacklers and Purdue Pharma. In this episode I talk about how the law began to catch up with Purdue, how the Oxycontin epidemic turned into a heroin epidemic, and how the Sacklers would ultimately end up getting away with everything.

Part 2:
Part 1:


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  1. I want to watch this but am afraid I may stroke-out. I get so outraged at the Sackler family that just hearing the name raises my blood pressure. Although I'm no fan of author Gerald Posner he did write an excellent book, 'Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America' on the Sackler family. Gerald's wife also wrote a good book, 'The Pharmacists of Auschwitz: The Untold Story'. Unfortunately, the medical cartel have run this world for a very long time. And thank you for making this video.

  2. Thank you for this series on the Sacklers. I learned a lot from this. A shame they can't get a taste of their own medicine, but then again, they can afford heroin as well.

  3. Cool video. I'm guessing we all know people who have been affected by the sacklers. I'm still dealing with being prescribed hardcore opiates for years and years. I had a bone infection which was due to an open fracture. Obviously this was causing pain, it took many doctors many years to identify and treat. But they were real quick with the pain killers. I now live without agony every day thank goodness, but I am still taking opiates because instead of treating the underlying cause of the pain, they just gave me fists full of chemical hug happy dream time pills. Oy gavelt… I had been on them so long that I get quite bad withdrawal symptoms, and have been slowly working my way down over the past year. It's a brutal process, and I must say, you abuse them because they're there. And I have never met a person who was regularly prescribed opiates who didn't abuse them at some stage. The only people I have met who did fine with opiates had small amounts with short term prescriptions after a surgery or something.

  4. This is a great trilogy of documentaries you've made. I agree, why shouldn't the full power of the law be used on white collared criminals? They are more terrified of the brutality of jail so it should be used as a deterrent.

  5. Its almost as if Big Pharma driven by nothing but profit is pure evil.
    Remember when trying to profit off hand sanitizer got you branded as the worst thing ever.
    Meanwhile Pfizer made 13 billion off vaccines.

  6. Let the good times roll in Columbia! You could do another video on Suboxone and all the dirty tricks BIG pharma pulled to extend their patents, prevent generics, and drive up prices of the "cure."

  7. Georg this is excellent work. Really well edited and presented. Please keep it up. I’m really looking forward to whatever you do in the future, including your first feature at some point hopefully!!! Thanks.

  8. I love that the video ended with you going to punch a mattress. I once punched an air mattress while trying to fit it in a box and somehow damaged my hand. I swelled up considerably and I went to a stand alone doctors office that advertised itself as something that sounded more convenient than an emergency room. I went with my girlfriend and the exchange went something like this.

    Dr: so what's up
    Me: I punched an air mattress and my hand swelled up, see?
    Dr: ok so what do you want me to do for you?
    Me: what do you mean? Look to see what is wrong and fix it?!
    Dr: do you get so mad that you have to hit her?
    Me: what? No! What's wrong with my hand?
    Dr: (to my gf) is he hitting you?
    Gf: no he just hurt his hand.
    Dr: so what prescription do you want?
    Me: I don't want a prescription, my hand doesn't even hurt. I want to know what is wrong with my hand.
    Dr: c'mon, what are you looking for?
    Me: I don't know what I need, you are the doctor, just tell me what is going on.
    Dr: so how long has he been hitting you?
    Gf: he doesn't
    Dr: so, oxycotton? Percocet? Xanax for the anger?
    Me: I just want to know if I'm ok, what if the blood pools up too long and rots?
    Dr: so no prescription?
    Me: no! I just want to make sure my hand is ok. It doesn't hurt, it just looks horrible.
    Dr: ok, well, come back tomorrow if it's still swollen.

  9. In other news, Moderna are allegedly pulling the same tricks with ivermectin – getting it banned because it’s out of patent and worthless to them, while formulating a newly patented equivalent for use in treating Covid.

  10. Great work. That was definitely very painful to watch. There must have been another stone tablet that Moses dropped on his way down from Mount Sinai. In this modern world the greatest evil doers are people like the Sacklers, and many of those who tanked the world financial system in 2008. Is it just greed?

  11. Money: We broke the law

    Justice: Then we must act

    Money: *taps name tag*

    Justice: Oh! Money! Oh god I didn't realise it was you. How have you been man?

    Money: Getting by

  12. Rich in content, with context. Superb editing, clear delivery. Even as a slack jawed Texan, I understood your topic.
    And I am in a sober awe over this piece.
    Thanks Georg

  13. As a recovering addict who was prescribed Oxycontin in the late 90s, I can tell you we addicts knew the dangers of the drug (as well as its potential for abuse) within mere weeks of our being prescribed the medication.

  14. This is sooo depressing. It would be even worse if I had family afflicted by the opioid epidemic. This is why the filthy rich & powerful need to be taxed into oblivion, so they can't spend millions to bribe officials & politicians into looking the other way. Any bootlicker defending low taxes for the rich deserves solitary confinement, only to be let out to be waterboarded.

  15. It is not a crime (yet) to create or promote a bad corporate culture, but bad corporate culture breeds criminal activity. See also Theranos, Boeing, Arconic/Kingspan (Grenfell Tower Fire), many others.

    Diffuse responsibility is a FEATURE in corporate structure.

  16. Used to be that when things like this happened, you could drag the offending party through the street on hooks and throw their broken, lifeless body into the Tiber.

  17. What is so utterly horrifying about this is that all of all the people with control over whether the company continued or not – there's bound to be a large proportion of them with a conscience, who understood that what they were doing was wrong, causing deaths and misery, and yet they still went ahead with their decisions. Perhaps they were so far removed from the actual impact of the drug or so woven into the beaurocracy that they could easily say their actions were insignificant.

  18. If you feel angry remember they are mortal and will be forgotten just like the rest of us, I'm a sufferer of fibromyalgia and cerbal pasly so I know first hand that my pain is better for me than a codeine addiction.

  19. "She expressed concern about how the criticism of the Sacklers was affecting her family. 'Lives of children are being destroyed,' she said."

    Apparently Jacqueline Sackler has no sense of irony or self awareness.

  20. I spent the last year researching this topic for my long paper for law school. I turned it in on December 31st. I'm waiting for my grade. As a person in recovery, the Sackler family has been of interest to me. The damage done is immeasurable. Of course people are skeptical of vaccines and big pharma after all this. The damage Curtis Wright and his ilk did cannot be measured. It is lasting, and the fact that nobody went to prison is infuriating. It means these companies will continue doing this crap.

    Great job on this series.

  21. You know, I think I'm the clown for waking up today.

    Is it just that I have a soul? Some kind of moral fiber? The realization that just because money would go a long way in making my life happier that I don't see it as the goal in and of itself like a high score on an arcade machine? I would like to think that I would never–could never–inflict so much pain and suffering on people for something as callous as mere profitability. Maybe it's because I believed that though the most ethical concern of a corporation (and the most unethical concern too) were to make money that there were institutions, slow institutions, but institutions that would eventually see the people they're ostensibly there to protect bring forth justice.

    But… I'm a clown for waking up today.

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