The Sidney Powell Saga Continues, as Leftists and the Blackpilled Claim to be “Right”

But Giuliani still exists. So do thousands of affidavits:


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  1. Powell never was a Trump attorney and anyone that has ever watched court cases knows that you NEVER get proof of anything until the filing of said case. The only thing different here is that people are falling for the propaganda, including Styx. I am willing to bet there are some major surprises coming.

  2. Hammer and Scorecard have been discussed by two retired generals. People aren't just pulling this out if Tin Foil Hatistan. Could it be psyops? Sure, but one could say that about nearly everything these days.

  3. Woody Harrelson's dad was one of the ones who shot JFK. He died in prison. Who put him there? Sidney Powell!! Who's going to investigate the JFK assassination? Sidney Powell!!Caveat: Woody Harellson was classmates with VP Mike Pence.You're welcome.

  4. Blue urban areas have been rigging elections for decades. No wonder their cities are proverty stricken and crime ridden. Politicians pocket the money and citizens suffer.

  5. If SCOTUS finds evidence of fraud or illegality, and decides make certain states null and void…..and neither candidate can get to 270, 12th Amendment says it goes to the House, wherein each state gets ONE vote

  6. With several state's courts flat refusing to look at Trump's fraud claims, it could cause SCOTUS to get involved. Regardless of how you look at it, it's a presidential election that is being brought into question and has legitimate evidence of possible fraud, and the side of the "Winner" are calling them conspiracy theories all while flat out ignoring, censoring, or sending out "Fact Checkers" on stories about the possible fraud

  7. It seems unlikely that such a simple thing as a voting system would be broken unintentionally. Clearly, there was little choice given to most Americans when it came to limiting the field to only two viable parties. Next, the selection of candidates came to be carefully controlled. Now, there appears to be a deliberate system making it possible for any dedicated and well-funded entity to control the outcome of any election.

  8. aren't you tired of winning Styx? low taxes , high employment, sanctions against countries who pollute the oceans, nuclear power development that uses its own waste to power itself. getting a vaccine while the lefts answer is to hide and control, making our country sovereign, not ruled by foreign treaties, no wars, no terrorism. more freedom , a justice system that has common sense .peace in the middle east, yeah I am Tired , winning wears me out, we need Biden!

  9. Any type of fraud no matter how small, or how big, should automatically make Goofy Biden lose, and all those involved, fired, and jailed. If they are allowed to get away with this shit, what’s next. It’s ridiculous.

  10. The Democratic Communists ran around with shit in their pants and their hair on fire for almost 4 fucking years screeching about imaginary "Russian collusion" complete with a constant investigation and impeachment. All that failed,it was a massive face plant. Yet we're supposed to just kick rocks and say aww shucks we lost? Wtf planet are these mother fuckers on?

  11. This whole scenario appears, to me, to be a trap set up by the Trump team. The odd, terse statement about Sidney Powell (who was never technically a member of Trump’s legal team) was meant to free her to continue(possibly in a prosecutorial role) her attack against Dominion while throwing the media off her tail. The GSA matter is meant to lull Biden/Dems into an even falser sense of security. Look, Trump made ALL USA Election apparatus critical infrastructure in his 2018 executive order. This means the full force of the military and military intelligence have been on this since, at least, then. They have the goods on the whole fraud – of that I have zero doubt. It’s just a question now of how to wrap this up in the most legally appropriate and least socially damaging way.