The Siege of Portland

The Department of Homeland Security has overriden Portland’s local authorities and sent in forces to put an end to the 50+ days of non-stop rioting in this hive of progressive scum and villainy. Media will attempt to gaslight people into thinking the anarchists and Black Lives Matter revolutionaries were entirely peaceful, but this is far from the case.

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  1. I started taking sources that you show in your videos and I keep it in my notes. Now, whenever some liberal says some bullshit, I just bombard them with like 6 links proving the opposite of what they said. Only way these people will accept evidence is to jam it down their throats

    It seems to be working well

  2. Bret Weinstein and his wife implied something similar about the rioters. They claimed they were too humourless to be truly left-wing. It's possible the left were infiltrated; but I don't think this is the kind of evidence that should persuade anyone. This seems like a perfect example of a consequentialist disregard of truth for the sake of politics.

  3. Because this is what they want
    When some day the sane people have had enough it will change , who is going to galvanise this?
    People with money and evil thought clapping their hands in glee

  4. Watching that man get kicked in the face while he was already down makes my blood boil, which I could have a good one on one fight with that coward……damn!

  5. It really irritates me when people say "they have a right to protest" with no other statements. Of course they have the right, and of course there are instances of excessive force used by police, but so many people are perpetuating this idea that having the right to protest means having the right to not face consequences. Even if you are peacefully protesting, you are willfully engaging in social escalation. You are creating an environment where violence is more likely. It's not your fault if a cop mistreats you, but you do accept some responsibility for what happens by choosing to be there in the first place. The reason why the worst thing to happen to me was that I was called a fascist online is because I didn't go out and protest. I kept it online and I kept my curtains closed and lights off. I don't know why I have to explain that participation is participation.

  6. Note: The stuff these dumb asses burned in the streets were typical flammable trash like newspapers…they didn't burn the merch they just looted, lol. Even idiot "commie" bull chick types that finger point while shouting expletives or the stockier turtle waddling types that trigger wanna rock a nice LV purse, amirite, lol?

  7. I'm a working class northerner and I've been following Antifa and BLM since their inception.
    I know what they want, how they fight and how deeply they are embedded, GLOBALLY, within our engines of perception, law enforcement and education.
    Anywhere they can gaslight and radicalise young, impressionable minds against their families, friends and homeland.

    Marxism is an ideology of hatred, with destructive goals and their "utopias" require force to to build because they're in opposition to simple human nature.

    I would see the ideology criminalised and demonized just as we do with huite supremacy.
    Totally and without exception

  8. We need a video doing a deep dive into the nature of BLM. Its inception, key investors and supporters, their goals and tactics.
    (If there is one I haven't yet seen, please share it with me)
    I'm struggling trying to show British people what these creatures really are and want because I need to share 15 different things to convey the facts properly

  9. I know your anger is justified. I’m an American in TExas and I’m horrified at we have allowed to happen in this country. It is our own fault for raising a generation or two of whining, spoiled, selfish brats. But I would like my grandchildren to watch your channel. I like the way you present facts and ideas and analyze but sometimes your language is nor appropriate for kids. I am very politely requesting that you not use the f word or the GD double word. Not saying the f word has never fallen from my mouth but not when kids were around me. Can’t say I haven’t repeatedly thought that word as a descriptor of Antifa bullies. Anyway, I hope I haven’t offended you with my request, and by the way, congrats on winning the lawsuit against Akita’s. I had a good ten minute laugh attack over that outcome. What a joke she is.

  10. 5:30 communists are not a hive mind. Communists aren't all in favour of violence against fellow working class people.

    Edit: calling bernie a communist is the cheapest of cheap shots I can think of. He's a social democrat. It just shows how unprincipled Carl is. He agrees with bernie on policy a lot, yet lies about him because he has the label left wing.

    Law and order might be important, but that doesn't give the federal government the right to perform illegal, unconditional arrests which are essentially kidnappings. This is just more Carl bias. He doesn't mention at all how the police were cracking down, and that's by not telling arrested people their rights, throwing them into unmarked cars, threatening innocent civilians with being shot if they follow and refusing to tell anyone where they were taking them. Means do not justify ends. Don't take your American news only from an uninformed right wing British person. A far better source would be someone like Kyle kullinski from secular talk.

  11. As an American I am ashamed and embarrassed by what is and what has happened out in Portland and Seattle. If I were a resident of Portland and I lost my job or my property was damaged I'd be suing the Portland Mayor and the City Council for redress.

  12. It's sad seeing this 19 years old committing this atrocious actions because they were brainwashed by communist professors. If this kids are arrested, then there professor should be charged for ruining there lives

  13. I was born in a country that was occupied by Soviet Union. Moved to England because it’s a great nation and fuck that place. However, what I am getting at is… we had a saying that is unfortunately too true ‘I don’t care if I have shit as long as my neighbour has the same shit’. Communism is just jealousy at extreme

  14. “I’m sure they won’t come after you”
    I’m here from the future to tell you that they tried to burn down his apartment building with hundreds of people inside.