The Significance of RFK Jr’s New Film The Real Anthony Fauci

Dr. Naomi Wolf speaks with producer Jeff Hays about the significance of RFK Jr’s new film, The Real Anthony Fauci.

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  1. I thought that this movie was in 2 parts. I watched part 1 and towards the end (gosh maybe 10 mintues) it said part 2 (which I thought was a preview because it wasn't long at all) Anyone know if there is part 2 coming?

  2. Jeff Hays called it right – Tanzania (a large nation of over 50 million), is not playing the pandemic game. No lockdowns, masks, or vaccines. Their leader President John Magufuli, may have paid the ultimate price, he died mysteriously in early 2021. When Magufuli’s replacement, former VP Samia Hassan stepped in and tried to reverse the policies to align with the WHO, the people weren’t having it and stopped wearing masks and refused the covid vaccines.
    Celia Farber wrote a piece dated March 23rd, 2021 where it appears on Liberty Beacon amongst other places “John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal”

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