The Slow Death Of Free Speech

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0:00 – 3:44 – The state of free speech in the worl
3:44 – 5:46 – FriendlyJordies & The News Media Bargaining Code
5:46 – 7:32 – The Online Safety Bill
7:32 – 8:32 – They Took Down My video
8:32 – 10:30 – Selling it to the public
10:30 – 11.58 Final Thoughts on the current circumstances

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. Fucke 'em all. Jordy, FU to the moon bitch. Is that offensive?. bunch of Idiots, they put them selves up to be laughed at, not anyone elses problem they are dics. Femme.

  2. Hi I'm irish, I'm worried for the future of free speech in my country, Sinn Fein a rising party want to bring in hate speech laws and yet people are voting them in.

  3. all things good including freedoms are destroyed by being woke. that's exactly what is taking away freedom of speech. "don't say this or you'll offend" "you can't say that it's not PC!" for all wokeness hatred is okay if you hate the right people. I think we need to offend as many people as possible and when the woke attack… we put them on that Amazon rocket and shoot them in space. fuck the woke they are evil and they are insane.

  4. If you don’t want to see sex don’t watch porn . If you don’t want to see violence don’t watch movies. If you don’t like certain music, listen to something else. If you think you may be offended by somebody’s thoughts, DONT READ THE FUCKEN COMMENTS?

  5. America does have total free speech, yelling fire in a crowded theater starts panic and could get people killed and is charges as a terroristic threat. Terrorist threats aren't speech. I will agree social media has made it almost impossible to say anything here so there is basically no free speech.

  6. Future episode of the channel. Isaac stands in front of shelves and gives a thumbs up. DEMONITIZED! taken to court over offensive use of the thumb by pro pointer finger group!

  7. But doesn't this work both ways, time to give them back just the same if they want to carry on with being offended by everything

  8. And Sky News and the Murdoch press has been a cheer squad supporting changes making YouTube a publisher. So it comes with a lot of irony that Sky News has now been censored by YouTube.

  9. Well it's good to see you trying to protect one of our rights. It would also be good to see prominent media personalities try to protect our right to decide for ourselves whether or not we should take the vaccine. That is MASSIVE issue we face. I guess you and friendly Jordies probably won't have your income effected by that though will you. Please, you have a voice buttsman. Use it.

  10. People dont think for themselves these days, they think "what am I ALLOWED to think"? And then go on a fake path of virtue signalling and "doing the right thing" and "safety" which is fake too.

  11. Here's a problem with keeping Youtube as not a publisher, they already are. By selectively deleting and imposing laws they are editing their content, hence publisher, and not the platform they claim they are. Youtube needs to be forced to choose, keep all content that does not violate the law or be a publisher and be held responsible for the content on their platform.

  12. BTW @ Lisa M. google Susan B. Anthony. Because my comment (and yours) was censored it was removed. It was a riff on her quote, but ya know…."free speech" and all that jazz.

  13. I'll dies before I give up free speech looks like theyll have to murder innocents, come take my guns and you'll get the bullets first

  14. The government will keep encroaching on our basic freedoms to the point of tyranny unless the public starts prioritising freedom above all else. Milton Friedman said "freedom is a rare and delicate plant", and it's about time the public starts caring for it otherwise we're all fucked.