The SNP Attempt To Make “Temporary” Lockdown Powers Permanent


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  1. Well absolutely no one saw this coming did they. What an absolute shocker. This might seem alarmist, however I surge everyone to think about this….look at what measures they are going to in order to get power. The next step is when they can get enough power to “off” anyone that opposes them, of course they will do. This action will be justified as “good for society” and that leaving “undesirables” in society only serves to benefit no one….then, anyone defending the rights of civilians are deemed “undesireable” so the only option is prudent to conform. Once they get this far, if you won’t conform and you don’t care about dying for your cause, they go after your family and will kill them.

    This is right on the precipice right now. How will history remember us, the people.

  2. Oh, how far Scotland has fallen from the Highlander days.

    This is also something that crosses my mind a lot. You're a real, modern day highlander in your philosophy. Possibly in apparel, but we only see you waist up 😂

  3. Politicians are all foul, serpentine shits. I'm sure a lot of us English and Scotish could agree, we don't want this bollocks, we don't wan't this authority. I wish you well Dank, what they did to you was totally wrong!

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