The Sopranos: Nobody Knows Anything

The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 11 “Nobody Knows Anything” review.

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Written by Pure Kino


  1. 4:37 It wasn't season 1, but remember that weird-ass transition from season 5 where Carmela walks away from Wegler?

    If you don't, it's on youtube. "The Sopranos Cold Cuts weird scene transition"

  2. Just discovered your channel few days ago, as you say, it really is a "Pure Kino". Love in this episode that they refer to the sauna as "Schwitz", probably short for Schwitzbad- sauna in German.

  3. I really loved the emotional scene between Tony and Paulie at Pork stork, when T he is asking him if he killed Pussy. Such an great acting on both parts

  4. Bro, you have no idea how choir boy your voice is do you? like no gravel at all zero suitability to explain anything mob-life, besides that your "commentarty" adds zero- nothing at all.

  5. Hey Kino at 4:42 you mention they never do that type of title screen transition thing again. I'd like to point out that's not true, it's done on at least one more occasion, you can look at episode 5 of season 6. They do a " Six weeks later" transition. I'm pretty sure it was done once more, but I can't confirm that and I'm not entirely sure. Great episode as always, dude.

  6. The four days later thing actually was done in a similar fashion in the opener of the season 6 ep with Johnny sacks daughters wedding we see rusty get an invitation and it cuts ru a scene with Johnny with a 4 weeks later title card. It does make more sense in the later episode than in this one but still not the only time they did this

  7. I do remember that word title card. It could have been the show trying to find its footing as is with first season shows or just the director for this episode.

  8. “They’re all hypocrites” – yes, LCN is based in hypocrisy, how else could they go around murdering and maiming and stealing, yet still behave in a way that makes it seem like they’re devout Catholics. I’m not saying that they set it up that way intentionally, but it fools a lot of people. Confuses them, anyway.

  9. The fbi agent who arrests pussy is a terrible actor that smirk on his face ruins the scene. I guarantee no fbi agent you run from is gonna smirk at you they will beat the shit out of you

  10. Puss wasnt turned that episode, Jimmy was. Puss was turned back in 95 for moving H so Makazian was right about Jimmy wearing the wire. Puss was only released the same day as Jimmy for already being a cooperator

    or am i just repeating common knowledge?

  11. The american club members only thing, Pussy is a “guest of the government” if he goes to jail so him flipping makes him a member of the government woww