The Squad Are “Useful Idiots To The Establishment” says Chris Hedges

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Chris Hedges

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  1. Bashing politics is easy.
    Somehow, Trump's insurrectist, environment destroying, democracy undermining, baby stealing, criminal pardoning, pandemic loving lies are not as bad as what?
    Health care.
    Equal rights.
    Ending war.
    Fixing infrastructure.
    Fighting the pandemic.
    Child care.
    Family leave.

  2. If you want American workers to be in good shape – be against an illegal workforce. Be against manufacturing being done in other countries. And be against a never ending stream of immigrants.

  3. I’m not buying the idea that fake progressives don’t have any power because they get a salary and have free choice They have chose to join teams with corporate leaders of the Democratic Party

  4. Will
    U.K.politicians Impose sanctions using the Magnitsky Law, against Texas
    politicians that passed the Texas abortion law? In the UK why not ask your local
    MP? Ask them why the big diversion from what is really going on what have they hidden,

  5. Great guest, Chris Hedges is one of the few worth listening to.
    I guess Chris did touch upon this, but yes, “radical” left in USA is centre to right wing in other parts of the world…

  6. Again- Chris- you are an experienced journalist and you knew how opportunistic that someone like AOC was but you wouldn't start criticizing her. Why? You probably were afraid of the 'racist white man' label. You knew what she was but you danced around the issue- sure you criticized Bernie and you're to be commended for it. However, you should've started the AOC criticism immediately but you STAYED SILENT.

  7. Honestly anyone who votes or participates in American politics is a useful idiot. Whennaya gonna learn the entire system is BROKEN and cannot be reformed?

    Humanity needs an entirely new socioeconomic system.

  8. America, as we knew it, is spiraling the drain. The country will be unrecognizable inside of 5 years; especially w the immigration that’s happening. Also! Why do you think the capital police are getting tons of new money???? They know something big and nasty is on the horizon. They’re expecting people to be really upset about what they’re planning on doing.

  9. bot always clear with facts always say obama deported 2x more then trump? he was also potus for twice as long? or was those numbers from one term? see there proving a point with a false narrative. i hate obama i hate trump. seems unfair , he says it a lot!

  10. The Democratic party needs to own the minds of impressionable young people that want to change the world, immigrants desiring the American dream, and the disenfranchised who want a better life and think that the rich or wealthy should pave that way. The democratic party's political theater is built on giving these groups false hope and fools gold for votes. And let's not forget how they market themselves as the anti-racist establishment and stir the pot to fuel division (divide and conquer).

  11. Followed all of Chris Hedges' career. I tell you since forever this has always been his shtick: whenever anyone is a good person, Chris Hedges is always more good than them. Whoever the truest virtuous one is, Chris Hedges is always the purest purest truest goodest one at the very top of the morality pyramid.

  12. Establish a 3rd Continental Congress and adjourn the sitting Congress, Courts and the President resign and elections for separate representatives and senators and president commence

  13. The Dems are afraid to fight because then they'd have to expose themselves. They can go around saying that two plus two is five but if they are confronted with that equation, that's when they run.

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