The Staggering Strength of the Trump Economy

It took Obama four whole years to bring unemployment from 10% to the level it is at now after spiking to 13% and the entire US economy shutting down for two months:


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  1. We all know that Biden, like any other Democrat, will raise taxes and allow previous tax cuts to expire – that's just a given for the tax and spend party (not to say that Republicans are much better when it comes to spending, but at least that's not part of their party line). Biden will also force a nationwide lockdown, force everyone to wear masks everywhere including outdoors and in vehicles, and force "hot spot" regions to lock down for months, ignoring the fact that areas that have locked down in the past aren't doing any better. He will continue this until a vaccine is in place, and when the vaccine is in place he'll find some problem with it that will necessitate more lockdowns. He'll double-down on all things identity politics and increase the divisions that Obama started, fanning the flames of rioting, looting, and murders of anyone who isn't a far leftist. There'll be no one left to put a stop to it.

    Unlike Trump who isn't a divider but his mere presence has caused Democrats to sow division, Biden will actively create division as part of his presidency. See, it's the left that is causing the division and the right that is merely responding to it, most of the time simply being on the defensive. For the past 15 years, the genesis of divisions has been the left because they hate America, capitalism, and free liberal democracies that much. Before that, by and large we were getting along and things were getting better and better. The sole blame for virtually all divisions these days is the left and Dems, because they want a globalist totalitarian dictatorial communist society and America is getting in the way of that.

  2. Begin Incentivizing MICRO-LOAN firms and P2P loans and Temporary capital investments or loans in areas that are Underdeveloped, falling apart from Mismanagement and nearly 45% Short term or Payroll loans and Misallocation and Mismanagement of funds, has low Property value or exciting investment opportunities but a strong working class and low Property value…places like these and more… open up MICRO-LOAN and P2P low interest loans and Business loans, etc

  3. If you haven't learned from the Obama economy what a complete disaster it was then you are not capable of learning anything anymore. I have seen the difference in my life and will vote for Trump even if my life were threatened for doing so. An Obama economy would make me consider dropping out of life entirely.

  4. "The richest woman in the world… got it through a divorce settlement."

    That is kind of funny when you think about it. It could be an easy talking point for the manosphere ?

  5. Joe Biden is. Ow claiming that he and Obama brought hundreds of thousands of jobs BACK to the US. He claims that trump is offshoring federal contracts. He said he will stop all offshoring. Funny thing is that he wants to go down to green energy. Who does that hurt pretty badly? Hmmm the ford gmc co? The union Pres said that more jobs will be created through Biden on electric cars using newer technology. Hm many of the composers for cars and said tech require plastics which uses petroleum. So how will these be manufactured without petroleum? Just asking

  6. I am not white knighting in any way, I'm just somebody who knows what it feels like to be screwed out of your share of a business partnership.
    She may have gotten that money through the divorce but she also helped build that company from the ground up, she ran the office and she did payroll. She's out with the customers she dealt with payments and billing and making sure that the lights were on and the bills were paid and there was enough money for expansion and all that other shit so while Jeff was working on the logistics and the infrastructure she was taking care of the office work making sure that there was a business.
    She was entitled to more than what she got, she should have gotten half.

    Right now, if your wife divorced you she would not be entitled to half of your earnings from this channel. If the two of you create a separate channel where you are on screen and she is doing the production work, she deserves every bit of her share.

  7. Biden, I'll bet Pelosi in constantly reminding him what country he lives in.
    Pelosi :" Joe, remember, If someone asks if you know what country your in, you must answer Yes " If they ask you to name that country, don't say North Korea ", " It's America ",… Joes.