‘The State is no longer working to serve us and to protect our shared heritage’: Neil Oliver

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  1. The technocratic globalist elite are moving us towards a society where we are guilt~ridden and self!~loathing, where we own nothing, we shall have no identity or history, no privacy, and freedom of speech, and very little freedom… if any at all

  2. There is a priciple of Common Law that people intend the natural and forseeable results of their actions. That is why I don’t believe that the destruction of Western societies is accidental.

  3. Told my kids from the get go: your Government is your enemy…. Now hearing it back: mission accomplished! Our leaders are not incompetent: they are evil!

  4. The state is only there to convey control oppression and tyranny for the global cults their masters! Along with this the other biggest threat to us all are the sheeple and brainwashed zombies who follow them!

  5. Any free man will despise and mistrust any government that has given itself the ability to remove an individual's life, liberty and/or property without due process…all under the guise of "the greater good".
    The only reason a free man bends to one knee is to stabilize his rifle for the next shot. Countless millions of American rifles are being tuned up as we speak in the event that the government goes full potato.

  6. The endgame is complete and total world slavery. Realize, understand and recognize your sovereignty. Your family’s and your community’s sovereignty is what we’ll all need to align ourselves with to carry on. Going to require some effort, but we can do it.

  7. Your message gets a bit off towards the end.. Society is far more complex than simply wiping away debts. Banks don’t lend money they have but money from those who deposit in their accts. Wiping away such debt (as you use it) would steal the labors of working producers, which can include the very wealthy, but not necessarily. And why shouldn’t the wealthy who created their wealth legally/ ethically be allowed to have the fruits of their labor.

    The issue is Central Banks/ world banks, as well as genuine elitist (those who believe they know best, are infallible, are more valuable than those they deem beneath them. Margaret Sagner, for example, would be such, as would Bill Gates/ Pelosi/ Soros/ Schumer/ Bezos/ Trudeau/ most who belong to WEF

    Those who believe the people are to stupid for a democracy, a country governed by the people- that we pick/ elect the wrong people and that they should have sole control.

  8. I've been "seeing it all coming" for 40 years now. All we've been doing in "the west" is rearranging deck chairs will our civilization sinks. And just like that long-ago shipwreck disaster, it's the rich and selfish who make sure they are "saved" while everyone else perishes in frigid waters. I know the rich and powerful, the elites, will stand before God, with nothing, just as I will, and that they will receive that which they so richly deserve – all in good time. In the interim, I despise their wickedness, their power, their meaningless existence on this planet, their incessant meddling and control and manipulation. Their time of reckoning can't come soon enough, and the "just deserts" of eternal punishment can't begin soon enough. Roll on judgement day…

  9. Well, I know myself, as an American, to have been born without political troubles so far… but the people who I came from, not so much. Protestantism, Mormonism, Americanism, all came from pain. I can do it too. Here we go. We're going to find out what we're made of.

  10. That our governments do not have our best interest at heart became very clear during the covid plandemic.
    People who are not awake now will never wake up. The west has become a tyranny and as the agenda progresses this will become clearer and clearer.

  11. Revolutions have been actively promoted by the "bovver boy" end of the globalists, extreme capitalism at one end and such as Bolshevism at the other, the former conned good Americns to give up funds and channelled it to Lenin who promptlu murdered 40,000,000 Russians, there are records claiming the French Revolution as one of theirs and I'm not sure that the deposing of Charles I (England) wasn't too, the City of London was swift in seeing its rights and priviledges made permanent by statute by their appointee.

  12. @Neil Oliver Didn’t know who you were until I heard your conversation with Brett Weinstein tonight. You are a courageous and hopeful voice. Like many times during the nightmare of the past two years, you seem like a part of some movie I am watching. You are the William Wallace of our age yelling, “Freedom!”

  13. "the intention isn't to go green, the intention is e should go without", true but only as a prelude, the intentioin is that we should go completely, 67, wide awake, and no needle is coming close

  14. Neil, you are a great historian, but you are not an economist. You cannot "cancel" debt any more than you reattach a person's severed head and bring them back to life. A debt is always repaid, always. To "cancel" a debt is merely to transfer that debt to a different party, such as the creditor or the taxpayers. The moment people believe that debt can be canceled, and that government can create policies to cancel debt, you have socialism. "Canceling" redistribution of wealth, and nothing else. Read Adam Smith, he was a countryman of yours, and could the most enlightened man you country ever produced.

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