The State of the British Economy

Daniel Pryor, Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, discusses with Jess Gill the state of the British economy, the cost of living crisis and the windfall tax.

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  1. The government have just been found out wasting money again on migrants in hotels when they said that they were sending them to Rwanda…. More lies from Boris and his crew which sums up the Boos today

  2. Earnings are basically flat, inflasion is at 10% and interest rates are increasing.

    That's the same money going less far and your primary household cost going up (on adjustable rate mortgages)

    All that together means people are going to start defaulting on their mortgages. In the USA foreclosures are up 500% year on year. The economy is crashing and people can't see it.

  3. I tuned out after 13 seconds. All this is by design and has been discussed openly since 2020. They call it the great reset, 4th industrial revolution, Green New Deal etc. It's a shut-down and destruction of the "old" economy and the birth of a brave new one. Where elites have and control everything, while the rest of us give up all our essential liberties and eat bugs. Covid, Ukraine, climate change and whatever else is next are all trumped up/manufactured crises to achieve their aim. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either ill-informed or a big fat fibber.

  4. What an attack on my ears !…
    What kinda rubbish is this man spewing, utterly clueless of how anything works and why we are where we are now…
    But that's Keynesian lunacy for ya !

  5. Are we any different from others across the world it’s not the politicians but the power behind them these people have the wealth the new way is buy the loyalty of the poor and keep them independent socialism will destroy our independents by bringing us all to be the same. Apart from our leaders

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