The Storming of the STONKS

The first time you’ve heard about GameStop in a decade… is probably the LAST time you’ll hear about GameStop.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I fuckin love it man, these deep state pricks are finding out they have no friends. This financial fiasco has given me the one thing I've been missing in my life for the past couple months, hope. Well, I can't believe I'm saying this… Good on you Reddit.

  2. Fuck yeah, I jumped in this week and banked around an extra $700, while working a 60 hour work week. I'm game to keep it up with these kick ass people, and hopefully make more!

  3. What a time to be alive, where GameStop stock caused Wall Street to lose 70+ billion and scared them completely shitless. Plus, everyone is got united under this, everybody is collectively saying "Fuck You" to the rigged System and hurting it in the only place that matter to them. That place is their wallets

  4. The grandest irony is that WSB is the freest thing to happen in the market since I've been alive, big govt. and hedge funds are trying to stop it by making the market even LESS free, and socialists think this somehow proves that free markets don't work.

  5. they are losing spare change
    you made them notice a weakness in their defense
    sad thing is, with all this hype you won nothing and lost everything
    a few billion, thats all, its like dropping a penny for them
    revolutions dont work if they dont go all the way

  6. Memers, Tik Tok Investors and Reddit users buy stock based on bets made by Hedge Fund brokers, only to suddenly expose the free market for what it is… while also making some sick fucking green while they are at it. The internet sometimes is a beautiful place, provided that place doesn't include fucking Twitter.