The Story Changes Again

A study featured in the New York Times once again reprises the assertion that the COVID-19 pandemic began in a Wuhan market, not a lab. Case closed then, right?
#Wuhan #LabLeak #Covid #Pandemic


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Hi Russell, well of course they dont want people to realize that the USA and China conspired to make this virus, purposefully or not. After finding out the the USA government deliberately sacrificed so many people in the FAKE Sept 11 "terrorist" to justify pillaging, starting a war, to distract from "disclosure" and many other reasons we are still to learn. DISGUSTING and we must clean out all government and private related co industries for the sake of earths future.

  2. Yes they were just waiting to confirm it was indeed poor peoples fault and not brilliant scientist that could ever do that. They call it low hanging fruit. Wealthy people are insured from any backlash or lawsuits, we are not.

  3. Have so much love for this man. He conveys with such playful authenticity that I find myself reacting out loud as if we were having a talk at a bar, he doesn’t even drink. That, is communication.

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