The Strange Details of the FTX Scandal

Taken from JRE #1899 w/Yannis Pappas:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. Its more than 2 billion imagine creating an exchange like Robinhood and then publicly trading it with insider trading on a billionaire level… basically jacking up the price for new investors to see the value go up( in reality they investing in a facade). It's billions and its not 1 or 2. Irs is on his ass now bois. Wicked genius/brilliantly dumb + he knew the right ppl.

  2. Guess who was also very very high investor in FTX ?
    Ukraine.. 🇺🇦
    So Democrats voted for more billions for Ukraine, Ukraine got money, they invested lot of it into FTX and FTX funded democrats. How strange right

  3. im so happy im such a sceptic and i never believed in any of this crypto shit or nfts, i co uld never make sense out of how peole are paying so much for pixelated pictures, coins that come out of thin air and now are supposedly worth real dollars, maybe bitcoin will bounce back but ya, its still seems like a massive scam to me.

  4. Man first time I listen to Joe and he sounds sorry! Stupid.
    This guy's mom is deep dem dad to the setup was through a newly started pac ya his mom started it a few day before fxt was born.

  5. As a Bahamian who is very crypto-skeptical, i am not surprised at this mayhem.

    They moved from Hong Kong had laws made to make the exchange seem legal, threw donation money and promises around, and bought millions in properties here, driving up values.

    Promised sweet things to my nation and then fell short on all fronts.

    "Line goes up"

  6. The whole Ftx thing is so criminal it’s beyond crazy. Political ties, tokenized stocks not backed up, mit ties with Gray G and girlfriends father. Ties to celebs the rabbit hole goes way deep.

  7. Why are you shocked? If there is a money laundering scheme to be had I am sure corrupt Elite of the Left are a part of it. Not to mention he is YOUNG. He can go out and "collect" the minds of other youth for "the cause" with money. That is how the world works it seems. If you have money you can sway people to think how you wish them to. He wasn't "helping" any of the "worlds most pressing issues". It wouldn't take much but common freaking sense to fix that shit.

  8. It’s the political party that opposes decentralization who created this to bring the cards down for crypto. Control is their mission and they will do anything to preserve that control even at the expense of human lives.

  9. The CEO of FTX embezzled the money and spent it as if it was his own. He's a felon criminal and he may get away with it because there's 'no restrictions or federal controls' set up to protect your money in Crypto assets, even tho you can get taxed on capital gains from crypto.

  10. Getting out the vote or voter participation organizations are not "grifts". Whoever wrote that piece is obviously slanted to the right end of the political spectrum. For every suspect million that went to the dems prior to the election, ten times that went to republican candidates. Most of it ended up in Trump's pocket. This is where you get a little irresponsible Joe. You don't have all the information and speculate to compensate. Obviously campaign donations with unending amounts of cash going to political parties is a huge problem and the laws need to change and democrats are the party pushing for that change. You can't blame them for playing the current corrupt game otherwise they wouldn't be able to compete in the election process with republicans who traffic in seedy donations on the reg.

  11. Crypto currency is not backed by any government. So it’s basically the Wild West before there were Sheriffs. If you think for one second that these business are legitimate think again. It’s like the Gold rush. Except Crypto is fake gold.

  12. I just know that crypto is not fdic insurance, and not regulated so I sorta knew something bad or uncanny would happen. sam bankman-fried feels more like a patsy to me because the way he talks or acts just doesn't seem nefarious, but very naive or brain washed.

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