The Streisand Effect Explained

The Streisand Effect is when an attempt to suppress information, in any form, ends up making that information more sought after and probably more found. It’s like when a horror movie gets banned for being too nasty – it only makes people want to see it more.


  1. That is NOT how the Streisand Effect got its name. The house thing was 2002. The term 'Streisand Effect' was already in use in 1999. That's because in 1996, the Colorado General Assembly passed a bill banning same-sex marriage. Barbara called for a world-wide boycott of Colorado that year for the ski season to send a message. And the world did send a message – it was a record breaking year for the Colorado ski industry that year.
    The term 'Streisand Effect' was in common use by 1998.

  2. Major case of Streisand effect in Argentina. Current Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is suing google for cataloging her as Theif of the Nation. Guess what is happening now…

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  6. Yep, at its most basic level "The Streisand Effect" is: person doesn't want people to see something; so person says "Don't look!"; result: everyone looks. Now what I want to know is: does the opposite have a name? Y'know, when someone wants people to look, so says "Don't look!" knowing it guarantees eyeballs. You see it on dodgy clickbait ads, e.g. "this one neat trick that (name of organisation) doesn't want you to know!"

  7. I think this is exactly why the government (specifically the American government) doesn’t try to take down conspiracy theorists on the internet when it comes to things like pedophilia, racism, etc.

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