The Taliban embraces Right to Repair

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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. The other disgusting this about this is that there is probably an arrangement between some scum bag company and the US govt where there is a multi million dollar contract for them to be fixing this stuff at 100x the price it should be when the men using them could likely fix them themselves.. Its just a big govt contract money grab… And our tax payer dollars are paying for it.. :/

  2. It upsets the troops in the National Guard to come back from basic training with fresh MOS skills to their units just to sit around on their weekend training twiddling their thumbs because most civilian contractors were doing the very job the soldiers were trained to do.

  3. i had a teacher who was drafted into the korean war, went from being a ground pounder ground to working in motorpool because he got a truck running that had been abandoned as dead, and used it to get a whole load of wounded to the MASH unit, when their motorpool guy saw the truck he was shocked…as the driver was getting patched up, the motorpool guy was asking around who fixxed it… and the fellow was informed he was being transfered to motorpool, he had used stuff they had, and a tool kit that was in the truck stashed away, and got it workign well enough to move a load of men over 20 miles down horrible roads..

    turned out the mash unit was one that had a sizeable motorpool and often swapped vehicles that needed work for ones that had been repaired, im told they would even swap the hoods on some vehicles to avoid the headaches of explaining why you came back in a different truck… stupid shit but… they could repair ANYTHING back then… he also ended up being tapped to repair radios since… growing up he was the one who kept their radio working, the first time it broke he was fairly young but he called the number on the back panel, and somebody told him what to do, where to take the tubes to test them and buy a replacement.. he went to the hardware store where the family had a tab, the fellow was shocked such a young kid was coming in with a hand written note he wrote himself, needing to test his tubes and replace the bad one/ones… the ower infact, went back home with him, and watched him replace them back in the unit, to make sure he was safe, but also to see if the kid could do it, turned out his father got home as he was just finishing putting the panel back on, with the radio working, the store owner and his father both were impressed, dad asked him what made him think to try and fix it himself.. "it said 'service instructions on other side' on the panel, since it was broken, i figured i couldnt break it, also mom really misses her radio shows…" in reality they all missed the radio and… his old man, who was apparently a carpenter, and good at his work, but, mechanical and electrical stuff that dosnt involved wood… he wouldnt even try… the stories he would tell about his old man… but also, how everybody back then started to ask him if he could fix things, sometime giving him stuff "if you can fix it you can have it" then buying it back after he really did fix it… by 12 he had taken over his fathers back yard shed and it was his shop, vaccumes, fans, toasters, he even fixxed a broken open top washing machine the guy next door just got mad and replaced after his repair attempt failed… turned out the pully on the motor needed REPLACED not the belt, the pully was worn badly and binding and slipping.. he said the guy actually gave him what amounted to $50 with inflation at the time, prob closer to 100 with inflation at this point, he didnt want it back, he was just that impressed, this scrawny little kid spent a few days work and waiting (had to get the correct pully, turned out the store owner actually had his son a machienist make one since it wasnt any more expensive then that company wanted for parts for that out of date machine… infact the son made better style of pully you can adjust the strike point of the belt with ease, so if ti starts to wear, just adjust it so the wear evens out… the other end already had a similar pully to what the shops owners son made, the son actually ended up buying the washing machine after seeing the kid washing a tent in it, he wanted to see what the part he made had fixed… in the end, he had enough for his dad and him to buy mom a washer dryer combo so she didnt have to dry things on lines around the wood stove in winter…(though i gather she still did for anything heavy…) the teacher i had, the son in all that, said he even was the one to insist they get a different unit from what the sales guy was pushing and his dad was about to bite on, because after looking it over, it didnt look as nice, but was made better, the rollers were much better using ball barings, the other was using ones that looked like tops with nob arings just the ends of the rollers points seated in a metal cup thing, he said his mother had that thing he picked the rest of her life, even the service guys said it was a beast, in a good way, those units "never really fail, they just need a bit of tlc and they are back up and washing" on the other hand, the units they had been pushing… the companies that used that design had fairly high fail rates on the rollers eventually people would tire of replacing the rollers and the cup-cap-end things and just replace the unit, the ones he picked… the rollers mostly just needed the rubber roller part replaced even the barings just needed some 3in1 or sewing machine oil from time to time… and would mostly go forever….even if they needed swapped, it was in the money of the late 90's, he said a full rebuild kit for the rollers was 12usd, and you never needed to rebuild them all at once, so, mostly that kit was good for 4-6 years worth of rebuilds if nobody squirts oil on the roller barings from time to time.. if they do…you just needed a $2 set of rubbers to swap out… apparently you boiled the roller rubbers then put them on the metal part that held the rubber in place and let it cool before installing it… the rollers never got that hot(i have seen the type of unit he was talking about, my breat granny had one in her barn we used for saddel blankets and such since it was set to dump out into the ditch behind the barn wall, and could be set to do up to 3 rinse cycles after up to 3hrs of wash cycle with several different patterns the drub would roll in… this is at top load unit with a powered roller set to roll water out of what you remove… more then once i washed coats and full groups of friends cloths after we got covered in mud up there… gods that was fun… one girls mom, started to freak out because she walked in on 7 of us guys and gals in our underwear in the barn sitting around a small camp fire(100% safe the barn=HUGE and no straw/hey in that one to burn, it had a smoke outlet above where they ahd the fire spot setup…they also used it to cook over fire when making stock or dealing with processing pigs/hogs in bad weather, ) she was shocked her daughter and the other 2 girls werent ashamed to be seen in their underwear by us guys… one of the girls just looked at her, and said "why would we be, we have known eachother forever, we have seen eachother pee, …." on and on… eventually mom sat down and.. by the end of the night after talking to my great grandparents whos farm it was..when it was an actual farm… when she saw the muddy water come out… she was like "how di dyou get so much mud on you" … ."Well, we were bobsleading down the muddy sloap and climbing back up" (only partially true… we did that AFTER we all ended up covered anyway… we ended up covered trying to keep the gals daughter from falling down the hill it was so slick that… by the end even i just said f-it and lit myself slid.. after that we got the old orange tabogins and went silly, great grandmother was legally blind but could tell we were f-ing covered in mud… gave us some crap, laughed and told us to hose eachother off with the warm water hose on the side of the barn..(she actually had an old wood boiler that still worked great in the barn and it was running), we got the majority of the mud off before going in and stripping to fill the washer and get it going, we had also taken turns showering and bathing to wash off the rest of the mud, they had an old claw foot tub out there and a shower stall, the fact that i ended up with 2 girls deciding they werent gonna wait and would just join me… (everybody had underwear on) anyway.. we had all been friends for a lone time, would have been far from the first time we had seen eachother nude… and the peeing thing… we would always watch out for eachother and keep an eye if somebody needed to take a squat, more then once that ment standing facing the girl to watch behind her and block view from the direction i was in, honestly the first time i was embarassed, but she said to watch behind her with me there nobody could see her from that side.. and pretending i was looking at something in the sky/trees, caused a few people who if they had moved closer may have noticed her, to stare at the sky/trees and try and figure out what i was looking at…

    the sad thing is only a few of us still keep in touch, the others… became too good for the rest of us it seems…

  4. At its basic level the question needs to asked. What military officer decided that civilians should be the ones to repair military equipment when the personnel operating should be trained in field repair? The person who made these decisions should be court marshalled and imprisoned for willingly putting American lives( and other country military lives as other countries military work with the American military). I am Australian and I am disgusted in whatever officer decided this.

  5. Who cares about what the " Taliban" care about or not?. Screw the Taliban. You don't understand that The United States Military has a certain level of function a military plane or vehicle has to have and safety features before being equipped for service. The Taliban is just simply referring to getting the planes running again. That doesn't mean they'll be able to fly or be safe.

  6. If the Taliban gets these aircraft flying again. There will be buildings around the world flown into again if The United States Government doesn't drop BOMBS onto the Airport to destroy these planes immediately!.

  7. If I was in the military and a component "broke", Id make sure that shit was broken as fuck, then call the technician so they have to actually do something that pays for their job. If 1 nut is broken Id make sure ALL the nuts are broken.

  8. There's a reason the former Afghan's air force preferred to operate Russian MIL helicopters to Chinooks or BlackHawks: they're more rugged and easier to repair, as well as much cheaper to operate. And so, the former Afghan gov't had the US gov't buy several dozen Russian choppers, intended to be used by their air forces.

  9. Do you know what the meaning of the Taliban Rossmann ?!
    it means, students of knowledge are scholars in religion and in all sciences
    If they say we can fix it, then they will.. He does not say what they do not do, like your government, they say what they really do..
    I do not know why you resent them. These people who defended their country against the thuggery of your country to steal their resources and mineral wealth, especially lithium, from which Afghanistan owns a trillion dollars of lithium.
    Please learn about Afghanistan from the sources of the people of Afghanistan and not from the media sources that are controlled by the lobbies whose interest is for the United States to enter into any war to reap the profits.


  11. It kind of reminds me of the issue in Australia with written off cars. The main reason cars are written off is because the cost to repair is more than the cost of replacement. There may be nothing structurally wrong with the vehicle but the cost of replacing that bent bumper and a door will be more than buying a new car. I suspect that is the attitude the American defence are probably taking with these vehicles that are essentially “written off”. That a smart team with skills will be able to get them at very least functional again.

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