The Tendrils of the World Economic Forum

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  1. The globalist NWO is red neo fascist. Wokeism is just a tool being used to divide and control while they replenish the tax bases of countries with falling birthrates. Multiculturalism was exactly this.

    The most evil things are done from behind a shield of fake virtue.

  2. Davos created the Daleks in Dr Who. They may look pathetic by modern standards, but at the time they invoked more fear than the Tripods from War of the Worlds.

    Plus, WWII propaganda and media since, a name like Klaus Schwab. IF media mimics reality, clearly this is evil.

  3. It should be illegal for world leaders to hold diplomatic strategy sessions with one another outside of their capacity as elected officials. It should be considered treason.

  4. the company called "Perfect World" from what I'm aware is a chinese video game company that focuses on MMOs (originally Perfect World entertainment who started with Ether Saga Odyssey and Perfect World International)

    The games were shit and pay to win garbage but millions paid into it 🤷‍♀

  5. Best summary I have seen yet of the dangers of WEF. And if you think China or Russia will do more than give lip service and bow to the WEF, think again. It will destroy the West and the Chinese wolf will hunt well. Say goodbye to consent of the governed and human rights and back to the historic barbaric norm of dictators and tyrants.

  6. There plan is that you will have no pride in anything as you will have nothing to show for what you have earned. The problem is, they have already created probably the most covetous and jealous generations who have been raised to believe they are owed everything and have no need to earn anything, and are unable to see that someone with wealth was not just wealth that was given them, they are unable to see that it had to be worked for and worked for hard, as in thery only see the "final" destination, not the journey to it. This inability to see or understand the realities of the world makes them very jealous and aggressively so, so if this real world Hydra gets its own way, they have already created their own downfall.

  7. Notice how it's always "YOU will own nothing and YOU will be happy" not "WE will own nothing and WE will be happy"

    Because these Elites have no plans for giving up their wealth, mansions, cars, luxuries etc

  8. Now if that World Leader was one of the Lebensborn the circle is complete! The records of that Eugenics program were compromised after World War Two, and I'm sure that Klaus won't stand for being DNA tested to see if he's related to his parents. He doesn't have to.

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