The Texas Shooting Doesn’t Add Up…


The Ulvade Texas shooting explained in autistic detail.

Exposing the dramatic failures of law enforcement and the federal government in preventing this major tragedy.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. You literally have no idea what your talking about.
    You present information without any sources and push stories that are false. What do you get out of it? Clicks… good for you.
    So cops stood around as kids were murdered….prove it liar.
    Your no journalist, your no police expert, you're simply a tool spreading lies.

  2. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but, does anyone else besides me think that this was planned? (And by "planned", I don't mean by the shooter himself.) Police stood around like bumps on logs for 40+ minutes doing absolutely nothing. When parents tried to take action to rescue the kids themselves, THEY were the ones being apprehended instead. A false retelling of the events that went down in Uvalde were released first thing after it occurred. Apparently, the feds also knew about the guy that shot up the school, but took no action to apprehend him. This whole thing is pretty sus.

  3. For me, ever since the vegas shooting & the strange lack of info that came out it. My suspicions started. Then Sandy Hook happened… contradicting interviews, child actors, FBI was already in contact with the "shooter" prior, whole campaign push to ban ar15ish guns. I then have grown very suspicious. Now these high profile tragedies… getting that same feeling guys :/

  4. Smells like Sandy Hook, Vegas shooting, etc…rotten. if they are murdering kids to make their restrictive gun laws go thru then they are evil. Also, I see a flag on the play about restraining the parents – this feels like a precursor to something evil in the works for the future. God bless them all!!! 😔🙏😔🙏😔

  5. The Feds set all this up. They armed this deranged kid after grooming him online.

    Guarantee that those police were told to stand down bc the Feds wanted this to have bodies stack up.

  6. Just call for civil war. People don’t trust the government (WW2) look to medieval times no weapons you get robbed and killed by bandits. If need more look to county start with C lockup people hell some maybe dead. So we make go back to the old ways everyone wears a weapons, if everyone has they will be looking at your weapons and yours friends too.

  7. If you think this is surprising "REMEMBER WHERE COUGH VID" came from! Along with a planned exercise 8years prior to the event.

  8. You have to understand democrats will kill as many as it takes to get gun control passed all the way to have cops help in the killing. Democrat controled cities will use cops to d o what they want

  9. Btw, you can't order guns online and just have them delivered. They have to be transferred to a FFL holder who then conducts a background check before selling and releasing them.

    You're right, though. Some things don't really add up at all.

  10. Obviously, fed, democrats and idiots calling for gun control, are idiots. Guns protect the nation, president, congress people, house of reps, governors, celebs, people like Bill gates and T fauci. Guns protect the criminals from police and government. If we should get rid of guns for a particular group then we need to get rids of guns for all. If Gun manufacturers cab be sued, so cab keyboard manufacturers- keyboards have been used in a crime that involves a death. And cellphones, and Xbox and Playstation, and people's arms because Arms are deadly weapons. Also abortion doctors, and Doctors in general for administering an unknown product to their patients.

  11. Mr. Obvious I know this is odd but my man was telling me some interesting things about two gentlemen who where very smart and got a car to go far..involving both of these men being involved as victims in the shooting….

  12. The Cartel/Biden had something to do with this. It sounds like a season finale for an episode of Ozarks to me. The shooter was sent there to kill someone’s children and corrupt TX officials had a hand in the stand-down.

  13. A very good reason to not surrender your firearms. The police are incompetent and there was an actual supreme court ruling that it is not a police officer's job to protect you.

  14. It sounds like a bunch of leftist cops wanted the shooting to happen in the hope that it would firther leftist attacks on gun rights. Naturally, it has the opposite effect. The leftists even said the children were sacrificed to encourage gun rights. Gee, seems suspicious.

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