The TGA is still refusing to take excess deaths seriously – Senate Estimates 10.11.22

More whitewashing.

Skerritt and Kelly are claiming the ABS actual deaths cannot be used as estimates of excess deaths. Skerritt then goes on to rely on actuarials who claim that if excess deaths were to occur they would have been in younger people. This is nonsensical because if the V is causing harm, older people will be the most susceptible which is exactly what the actual deaths are showing. Furthermore, what does that mean for adverse events where the average age of injury is 47!

Apparently the actuarials can diagnose patients or perform autopsies by looking at a spreadsheet!?!

The whole of the vaccine was to protect the old and the vulnerable yet it’s people in those cohorts who have experienced the highest death rates.
I then put it to Skerritt about his prior claim about the lipids in the vaccine being normal lipids in the steak or sausage you eat for breakfast. He responds by putting words in my mouth by saying that I claim lipids rely on ACE receptors to enter the cell claiming I had my biochemistry confused. That is not what I said – I actually said the opposite – Ionised lipids are designed to not rely on ACE receptors making them more infectious.

He then goes into to say there are four lipids used in the vaccine. Two are naturally occurring and then he goes on to claim two other lipids have been used in other products. This isn’t what Pfizer claim – they claim the lipid they design is completely new. Skerritt then claims they are safe because they were tested on cell lines i.e. in a petrie dish (not the same as testing in humans) and below the threshold for toxicological concern. It’s not a question of levels – it’s a question of ionisation. Every molecule is unique and should be tested very thoroughly on the human body, especially when they are ionised.

Another masterclass in avoiding the question.


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  1. Mr rennick nearly got it but no cigar
    At least he's having a go
    What's rennicks background to take on a prof in his field on nano lipids
    Must have n___s like coconuts
    Gotta admit this issue needs sorting
    If no one asks it's going nowhere
    But there's no point in being half arsed not that he was
    hes close
    But close won't do I'm afraid
    One must remember though there's some smart people on both sides of this to get a win either way you must have every I dotted and t crossed with several contingencies
    Mr rennick needs back up from independent leaders in their areas
    He always goes it alone
    And particularly this time the prof
    Pipped him with the finer points
    I spose it's hard to find highly educated people to take on the juggernaut
    I'm talking people bordering on genius shall be required
    Like tex says better get a lawyer son a real good one
    Or a prof
    Good luck
    Condolences to those at loss
    From any of it
    Covid its countermeasures or lockdowns
    Take care folks

  2. There's another angle on this prob
    Lockdown and it's roll on effect
    I'm by no means saying there ain't other probs because that's tending to become more transparent and prevalent
    I'm just trying to study Sweden's model but can't seem to find staunch recent numbers I can only get to within a month ago
    I need now
    As yet I've not heard that they have the same prob
    If that is the case
    Here's an equation
    No lockdown lesser or no problem
    Can any academics help
    So feel for those at loss
    Sweden high over 70 losses earlier on though it wasn't faultless
    But who has got it right
    Take care folks

  3. Clever lie its not about them being toxic its about the lipids passing through where they shouldnt. So even if its not toxic its killing you because its in your organs and shouldnt be. Wow this is how they scam us.

  4. There have been increased deaths in the UK, Canada and the US since the roll out of the vaccinations .
    Embalmers in the US also noted a strange phenomenon of long strings of clotting in a number of the bodies in the last couple of years.

  5. Skerritt has spent his whole life as a high priest of Science, then some upstart named Gerrard Rennick roasts you like a Christmas duck. "They" are all scared and they all should be…. never forget what they did.

  6. I wonder if they would accept any of their employees, when dragged into their office for testimony for their actions. Would accept explanations on notice? Or that the employee, claims to " not have read that yet. "?
    Need time to make up a scape goat. 👹

  7. ALL CAUSE MORTALITY is important! Car Crashes, skateboard crashes, Gymnasium injuries, sports field collapses, and of course failures of any organs (including hearts or brains) – any immediate apparent cause of death! must be considered, purely statistically, as a basis of any investigation! Not by a prejudiced Bureaucracy! Is the TGA funded entirely by Australian taxpayers?

  8. Thank you Gerard. I think you may be a little out of your depth trying to talk about the science like that, as I would be. Perhaps a written statement from a journal article or similar may be a better way to go. I'm not having a go at you and appreciated everything you are doing.

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