The Time Has Come: The Archive Everything Movement

Whatever you like, save to your own drives, do not expect others to do so. We lost a lot of great media through time to people assuming others had stored copies of literature, movies, etc.

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  1. If you have enough money it would be wise to buy a paper back set of encyclopedias from the early 2000s. They are a couple grand but true knowledge is in them.

  2. Look into a RAID 5 server. You can get Pegasus2 R4 raid enclosures for cheap on ebay right now. I run 2 for all my backups – and the redundancy of RAID 5 is great.

  3. An old computer with a RAID harddrive setup is cheap and has redundancy built into file system, because it clones all the information on each hard drive in the system everytime it writes.

  4. Using samsungs 860pro drives almost never fail. Having 1 be an active backup and then having one thats an offline backup you back up periodically, And dont use tape drives…. that's about as risky as you can get, tape degrades faster then just about anything, samsung 860pro drives all the friggin way, best flash memory in existence those are sata 3 drives, the 970s are the m.2 drives. Now, if you have a nas use western digitals pro red drives. I recommend synologys ds218j or newer, If you need help backing up your stuff correctly hmu. There is many ways to do this. I'm not an engineer, but a tech nut.

  5. I use 4K Video Downloader it was free at one time, but I ponied a 20 for the full version.
    Super easy to use and allows you to dial up or down (quite easily) the quality/size of your youtube videos. It still receive support/regular updates for licensed copies.

    Regardless of what software you choose, choose it NOW and use it NOW. I grab everything:
    – Gardening
    – Auqua/hydroponics
    – Survival (water, shelter, food storage)
    – Cooking
    – Communications (radio, ham, cb)
    – Gun smithing
    – Homesteading
    – Mechanics (basic)
    – Welding
    – Woodworking
    – Plumbing

    Not much, but there is still SOME time to preserve these things.

  6. So strange you are talking about this subject. I was cleaning out pics etc from my tablet and was really doing it to save pics of my dog that passed away recently. Anyway, I have scads of memes, quotes, pics related to politics and I decided to keep those as well because they're already 5 yrs old and are cool to look at. I still have older things on my laptop that I retired in 2014 just to use something smaller, and I am planning on keeping that stuff as well. I've been involved in online politics since 1996, and have printed items from back then as I knew they would disappear. I've been collecting books for YEARS- all kinds- some are antiques (1800s). I got them at yard sales not for the dinero, but I just thought they were cool and needed a home. (I even have a copy of the Anar.Cookbook don't think they're printing that one anymore). I have about 700 books my friend, including the first 2 books I ever owned: The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and Mary Poppins. Thanx for the back up idea; I completely understand the issue and will look into it. Peace

  7. You don't have to be an expert to protect yourself from data loss. Just having redundancy, extra disks, goes a long way. Learn a bit about Linux and rsync and you can set up automated back-up procedures that preserve all the data and file attributes. I have files preserved from as early as 1994 and it's because I always made sure I had an extra physical copy.

  8. Could go for some nice lucy in the sky. Need an ego death. You’re an amazing probable outcome machine my friend. Thanks for the sanity.

  9. I take the storage of my data seriously. I encrypt all my drives after I’m done with them. I have every single hard drive I’ve ever used locked up physically. I do not use any cloud services. I don’t even allow my GPS services to track me. I’ve gone back to collecting maps because I don’t trust anything that comes out of Silicone Valley now-a-days. I have an 11 year old computer that I’ve taken out any hardware that allows outside networks either physical or wi-fi to connect. I use it to hook up my old hardrives.

  10. Brilliant video Styx. I have lamented the loss of content that seems irrecoverable now.

    Anyone who can should try to archive as much as possible.

    Think of how cool it will be to have a trove of content that is safe into the 2040's, 50's, and 60's. If anything, it will be useful to educate the younger generation on what really happened in this era which will definitely be airbrushed out of the historical record by these authoritarians.

  11. 8:35 More like they'd be saying "That weird noisy thing costs an arm and a leg to maintain" while thinking how much easier it'd be to sell it for scrap.
    (But seriously, if you make it too complicated it might cost too much to maintain and-or likely be difficult to do so as well)


    Since most people wont have change lying around for a 100 year storage contraption, an $80 4TB HDD will safely store your data for decades, jest remember to plug it in every 5 years. Also- dont drop them.

  13. We should also have copy parties, like in the past. We rent some huge venue where lots of people can come with their hard drives and copy each other's data.