The total economic death of China (is happening NOW)

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China’s entire economy is about to collapse. But the thing is, this banking crash and financial crisis going on in China right now is hardly being talked about at all. And the story is just plain weird, in so many ways.

What’s happening right now in China is crazy. Banks have defrauded customers of billions, lied about the products they were investing people’s money in, and even allegedly collaborated with government agencies in China to change people’s health pass status so they could force them to stay at home, and not protest.

And although this is a very regional problem right now, China’s potential banking system bankruptcies and inability to pay funds to customers has already started spilling out into the West. And in China’s economy falls, it’s possible things could get much worse for us all.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – Chinese history is repeating
1:17 – The current financial crisis in China
2:07 – What started the economic crisis
4:11 – The situation escalated
5:30 – Censorship and NordVPN
6:36 – Fractional reserve banking and a western crash
9:17 – Do we actually have control?

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  1. I don't know much about banking but seems the only way these guys will stop their greedy, shady ways is to send a message by jailing a few of them. As far as I know none of them were jailed after the GFC crap. Just going to keep going on until a firm message is sent.

  2. Politicians in Australia actually signed over big banks legal right to bail in depositors savings if need arises to save they’re own ass’s a few years ago. Of course the average joe has no idea of this. In fact the entire monetary system run by banking is so corrupt if average joe new the truth they would riot in the streets.

  3. Yup. A YouTuber will be the one to predict something huge as the China economy failure. So bad that YOUR savings will disappear. But be sure to buy a VPN thru her affiliate link tho…

  4. And also to think the Chinese Economy actually crashed way back in 2019. And C-19 appearing just around that time tells you they were trying to buy time to fix the crash. Which mostly hit the repo market largest! Hoping they find a solution to this. The world really largely on China now.

  5. Undid the entire video with, "Your money might be placed with the big bad oil people."

    I'm not saying we shouldn't transition, but fuckin-a…please wrap your head around the every day advancements that happened over the last 100 years due to that source of energy.

  6. Unit 8200 and Talpiot is another problem when discussing bots and internet trolls.
    We should also focus on the Israel and China, "innovative comprehensive partnership.” Innovation is the key word: it refers to cooperation on technological breakthroughs, something China is keen to do. According to Xinhua, a joint statement released by the two countries pegs a number of fields for increased cooperation, including “air pollution control, waste management, environmental monitoring, water conservation and purification, as well as hi-tech fields.” China and Israel also plan to establish “a global technology transfer center , innovation parks and an innovative cooperation center,” Xinhua reported. (from the diplomat)

    This is extremely concerning as our high tech sector is at risk. Our military and Defense systems can be hacked or backdoors can be installed. Think Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, TSMC, NVIDIA, etc….

  7. Sorelle, I saw a YT title about this but paid no attention. Enough to worry about in the US already. However, I have come to trust you. So, I know this is very important.

  8. You lost me when you said that Nord VPN would work in China ( it won’t- their ip range will be blocked by the great fire wall at worst or they will man in the middle the connection) . I worked for a global IT services provider and the CCP were all over my connection as soon as I used it and my VPN was disabled by my company as there were a mass of cyber attacks coinciding with my use of the VPN. Only direct satellite communication will work but you will be arrested as a spy if you try that.

  9. I like how you explained how the whole world financial system is all connected and is interconnected and how it will effect the whole world
    economy we all just don't understand or see. If this happens I am not going to be only angry with all of the greedy globalist, capitalist and
    scum bag bankers of China I am going to be angry with all of them in the entire world because their all as guilty. I have seen this explained
    on other alternate news sources on the web in the last few weeks and I am sure most other Americans will see this and think good the
    Chinese people deserve this. They love seeing the Chinese people suffer because our government has brain washed them into believing
    China is our enemy and is evil when in fact it is the American government that is their worst enemy and the most evil imperialist empire in
    all world history and the root cause of all of this.

  10. Why the necessity to preach death and destruction. Have you seen their development for the last 40 years. Yet you are blind to your homelessness and urban poverty. So shameless!

  11. This big banks are also investing in projects that I clearing hundreds of acres of land native forest so companies can build wind and solar farm. Green energy is not all Good.

  12. If you want to store wealth do it with physical gold. Crypto maybe ok for short term but its too volatile and will be targeted next once they roll out CBDC. A worldwide bank run will just have the banking system turn offline or limit your daily transaction. This will expedite the launch of CBDC.

  13. The West likes to paint China the 1989 (30 years ago) one day Tianmen incident but plays down the brutal Black Lives Matters which happened over a month one year ago. Such is the modern US media that suppress truth and inflate lies. Example, the rigged Election that stole from 45 President Trump. US media are so naive or stupid to ignore the Mass shooting in their own backyard. They also ignore the vagrants and homeless situation. If Americans are so heroic and believer of human rights, do something to help the poor in US.

  14. Ah the trend of "in china economy is failing…" videos. Just goes to show all the western media dont know anything about china or how its been working for the past 500 yrs. Its not a wonder this trend was being exposed during such a time in history.

  15. I have an account with NAB in Australia and when I try to transfer money onto a crypto exchange the bank puts a block on my account and I have to keep calling them to unblock it. Every time they say it is to prevent fraud and it won't happen again. The banks are afraid of BTC because if everybody adopts Bitcoin then the banks will be made redundant. I have several accounts and no longer use NAB to buy crypto. BTC is digital gold and will be the saviour of the poor. Get some before the likes of Blackrock buy it up.

  16. The truth has too many sources by now to even be stopped from getting out. And this is not just through the Internet. Treating humanity as though it should all be a flock or herd of idiots, was the biggest mistake escalating.

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