The Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Is Back From The Dead

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership was scrapped under Donald Trump when he shockingly followed through on a campaign promise. But now it’s back with a new name ready to immiserate workers on a mass scale.

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  1. All of you idiots who thought biden was better than Trump.. new wars, gas spiking, interest rates rising, awful trade deals, no covid relief, cabinet full of terrible corporate shills.. all in the first month. Literally the worst possible person for our country

    Lee your show promoted this bs just as much as anyone with all the trump bashing. The lack of progress we can make as regular ppl is depressing.

  2. Yikes. I really do not want to do this for fear I'll be taken seriously but, Lee's beard rn- Have Lee and Ted Cruz ever been seen in the same room? Ouch I know, I'll see myself out <3

  3. "It's a Form Of Art"…Lee I don't want to know. Really. Just keep that shit to yourself. LOL HA HA HA. Just kidding. Hey thank you for doing what you are doing and being one of the voices of truth in this land of corruption and lies.

  4. The TPP deal is all about investors and corporations being protected from democracy.
    The dumb puppet nations like Australia sign in the dotted line.
    An example would be a Government introducing a new tax or law that affects corporate profits or market share, and being sued for damages in a closed tribunal.
    The law itself irrelevant. It could be a carbon tax, a tax or ban in tobacco, a country could ban nuclear power or refuse to buy US weapons etc. it really doesn’t matter what the moral justification is. The Tribunal will rule in favour of the corporation or investor groups and the tax payer will need to bail them out or compensate them.
    Australia’s mining and energy sectors are already 86% foreign owned. How dumb are some nations to submit to this form of tyranny?
    The TPP incidentally was negotiated and signed up to in secret.
    Pure fascism

  5. What's the matter with you dude? You have some compulsion to dig up more and more problems that you don't know how to fix? This is really boring! Why not focus on solutions instead? Can't make jokes about that?

  6. We must implement a permanent UBI now. Then we can transition to a RBE. Support The Money Free Party, The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project so we can go beyond politics poverty and war. Or we will destroy ourselves !