The Trump-Biden Debates are ON!!!


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  1. Biden as a candidate may be switched out; they cannot let him debate. I will be surprised if it happens with him in the hot seat because they can't control him at all. That's why they have special nursing homes for guys like him; the reptilian part of their brain works, but the rest is a crap shoot. A little too much stimulation and his brain scrambles. It would make good tv, but I'm thinking he may get hit with a Chinese bug- the CDC added more symptoms to the list this week, GI symptoms, so now they can increase the number of sick people to include those that are literally sick to their stomach. ( or they hit the chinese buffet too hard). Either way, enjoy the show.

  2. The Demos and their Globalist allies have another lame trick up their sleeve. Russia impeachment, Covid ’pandemic’, BLM terror… all failed.

  3. I heard Ventura is going to be parachuting in..breaking through the roof and rope-jumping onto the stage to challenge them both to mortal combat.

  4. We all know Crowder is gonna have an awesome drinking game! God bless our livers! I can’t friggen wait to watch Trump wipe the floor with Biden. Biden & Trump can be 6 ft apart, no crowd, just moderators

  5. Yes 100%%%! Trump’s tweet about Gillabrand being his biggest threat was real! They took it as him joking and being mean. But she would have been the best (moderate) candidate to go against Trump.

  6. If they have too, the Republicans will probably go down to the next layer of loyalty that sits just below the legacy media in importance to them, things like the Daily Wire. What I'm sure is going to happen though is Republicans and Trump will capitulate and two out of three of the debates will be hosted by scum, and the other by one of the Fox News' anti-Trumper anchors.

  7. I bet Trump will hit Biden soft and won't point out anything because his lying advisors helping the Democrats will have Trump convinced that he needs to go easy on Biden.

  8. When Hillary endorses you, your campaign is nuked
    When Obama endorses you, your campaign is slowly dronestriked just enough so that you barely lose on Election Day

  9. They will call Trump a bully completely sidestepping the obvious fact Jojo isn’t fit for public office. My worry is it will be a repeat of the McCain Obama debate where McCain. Avoided all scandals surrounding Obama. If Trump doesn’t come out strong, we’ll know it’s all a farce.

  10. Biden will never show up and debate Trump. Even on the off chance he didl, Biden would be given the debate questions in advance as Hillary was.