The Trump China Collusion Hoax EXPOSED As Fake News, Politico Issues SECOND Correction At Midnight

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  1. We are going through the growing pains. Just let the fake news fizzle out. The trend is that the people see through the lies over time. Give it time Tim

  2. When in the world has Trump EVER been soft on China?!? Can literally can wrap my head around the lefts logic or lack of it. Trump isn’t Biden.. Trump has taken a tough stance against China for the past decade. And it was the DEMOCRATS that were going on TV and crying about Trumps tough stance on China!? The Democrats tried to block Trumps tariffs on China which will cost China Billions each year! Wow man… these people literally make no sense and have lost their damn minds. So much flip flopping, back and forth, and deep deep hypocrisy. Look at yourselves Democrats

  3. Require a disclaimer, if no supporting evidence of statement: "These statements have no supporting evidence as to the accuracy or proof that these events or actions actual occurred"
    If they willfully and intentionally lied, they are fined or can be sued easily.
    Result: Everyone has freedom or speech, but deceit and manipulation have consequences.(money)
    If a tech company blocks or filters truthful statement/s, they get a strike against them.(fines/penalties, play there game)
    (Inappropriate language, nudity, threats, or intent to cause harm are the exceptions)
    This is a small start.

  4. When Trump borrows a money it is a lot, so it is not just handled by one bank on its own. He usually borrows from an international consortium of banks including the Bank of China. It might be say half a dozen banks from different countries. He doesn't borrow directly from the BOC.

  5. What you do is sooooooo important Tim!!! Keep it up brother!! You probably don't even understand how much you do for this country just by opening peoples minds!! We love ya man!!!

  6. Why doesn't Trump sue the hell out of them, they didn't do any journalism no fact checking, they are blatantly trying to defame Trump so they need to be held accountable

  7. WHAT!?!? a hoax, next you'll tell us unicorns don't exist, santa claus and the easter bunny aren't real and epstein didn't kill himself.

  8. Politico also manages to say they were wrong with the longest most convoluted way possible. I had to read it twice before I was certain that Trump did not owe China any money. Their inclusion about China potentially providing loan guarantees needlessly muddies the waters and only serves to make their retraction less clear. I am certain they spent a long time trying too figure out how to retract in the least clear way that they could possibly get away with.

  9. Trump is not responsible for the stupid shit other people do. If they actually ingested the shit, then they are dumb as dirt. NOBODY is responsible for idiots being idiots. Media is nothing but a smear campaign at this point.

  10. Criticism is one thing Tim, but that's not what the leftist fakeatream (mainstream media) is doing.

    Constantly making up lies and spreading falsehoods and putting out fake news about Trump and the right is not "criticism,"

  11. Many of Tim's videos focus on fake news and the mainstream media. Fox News is strangely missing from the criticisms. Is Tim a secret conservative Fox junky or is Fox's news reporting actually pretty straight?

  12. It bothers me that people would think its ok to drink bleach or disinfectant. Then again people ate tide pods just for internet clout even after people were dying over it.

  13. It's crazy, the CCP has just been doing whatever is necessary socially and financially to make their government and nation prosper! They just have no limits! American citizens and politicians are not that great either as they accept China's human rights violations, exploitation, drugs, tech & data theft and misuse, etc. which has been acceptable by Americans for two decades to make profits or save money! The basically bankrupt state of California has basically sold out the state to the CCP of China for decades now. American entrepreneurs have even exploited citizenship through the anchor baby market! – The mainstream news media is way too busy covering and misrepresenting President Trump to uncover all that has been going on with CCP China by American citizen politicians and profiteers!

  14. they have written off the trump supporter. they know they have a rabid audience suffering from trump derangement syndrome. These people are like crack heads and will click on anything and stay on any site that has negative trump news. The average person just doesn't care that much.

  15. I don't agree with Tim on a lot of his political opinions but he's still there ONLY person I've found on YouTube that seems honest

  16. Sources with knowledge say the walls are closing in because of bombshell allegations that the sky is falling heralding the beginning of the end for the Trump administration. More adjectives at 11.