The Trump Story About Assange Is FAKE NEWS, They Are Lying About Trump’s Offer To Julian

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  1. Fake News you say Tim!?! Hrmm, well at least they are spreading the information people would by dying to know… like Bradley Edwards had a cooperating witness turned president, to which under said presidency Epstein didn't even make it to a mock trial or sentencing. And what did Barr reinstate after Epstein was arrested but before sentenced… hrmm. https://youtu[dot]be/Yqb59n69Z80?t=297

  2. We need to start burying fake news like this. If a business tried to sell you something under such blatantly false advertising we'd fine them into oblivion. So why not the same for information?

  3. I just saw, I think it was Quora claiming this story. Everybody there believing the media. Somehow they believe that Fox is fake news but that every other news source is honest lol
    Of course they also believe that half of America "only" watches Fox News.

    Too many people dont care about the truth as soon as they see something that fits their narrative.

  4. Raise your hand if you think you know who gave Assange the Clinton Inc. thumb drive and what happened to him. (5 billion hands went up)
    Assange deserves a medal..

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  6. The evidence that the Russians did not hack the emails from the server is in the fact that the data transfer rate when the emails were downloaded was far faster than any internet speed. This indicates that the files were transferred to a USB drive, DIRECTLY PLUGGED INTO THE COMPUTER. It was an inside job. Done.

  7. Russia 1
    Russia 2 impeachment
    Russia 3 Assange
    I never believe the FBI (comey) the CIA (brennan) or FAKE CORPORATE NEWS

  8. Conservatives need to stop having a life and through hissy fits try to cancel every fake left media outlet which is all of them. Like they do to us like alex jones who was talking about Epstein 20 fucking years ago. But he's fake news and liberals can never lie its impossible. Whatever libs say is instantly a fact