The Truth About China’s “Re-Education Camps”

Xinjiang is a western province in China, home to the Uyghur people. They are an ethnic minority in China, and there is a lot of discussion about the re-education camps that China is setting up, and I decided to interview a Uyghur person about this.

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What happens in China’s camps:

Mihrigul Tursun:

Halal organ Harvesting:

Crematory next to camps:

Uyghur Hair:

China’s war on Islam:

Uyghurs being deported

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Thank you for discussing this openly and trying to bring the atrocities to a wider audience. Far too many people are misinformed or in complete denial about this genocide. You did a great job bringing in someone who truly knows the history and fine details of the Uyghur people. This was a great video and I hope more people can start to understand exactly what it happening in Xinjiang and finally put a stop to it.

  2. 15 year old redditors denying genocide. ON REDDIT. and the people who are not sheep are getting downvoted. not surprising tbh. Reddit was always full of pathetic soyboys with no lives.

  3. So they don't want their culture altered or changed by the chinese. While their people infiltrate countries like the UK and refuse to integrate and live by the UKs laws. Am i wrong in this?

  4. It's not the fault of the world, or the U.S and it's people for the way china is viewed. It's the fault of the media in those countries and the people who fund that media. Next this guy talks about china needing to be stopped… how about the casual extremists from his religion cutting off people's heads on french soil.

  5. What a fantastic interview. Thank you for doing this.
    Everyone should read the book by Kai Strittmatter – "We have been Harmonized"
    Kai Strittmatter is living in Denmark – it would be great if you could set up an interview with him.

  6. Funny, Turkey and its president Erdogan are always portaying themselves as the protector of all muslims in the world, always quick to accuse western countries of supposed racism and discrimination against islam, but then they are selling muslims back into oppression to China and are surpisingly silent on the whole uyghur matter in China…

  7. I actually saw a lot of poorly informed western people denying the oppression in Xinjiang, claiming it only affects extremists and terrorists, in an effort to defend Huawei. We have people who know nothing at all about China, but are Huawei fans for some reason, or fans from some other chinese brand like DJI or Xiaomi, thinking they need to defend their brand and by proxy the CCP, ending up parroting chinese propaganda on social media.

  8. Well, who would have thought, all versions of socialism (marxist/national) are the same, certain enanthic/religious groups of people get suppressed/murdered/abused.

  9. He is Posting"Hitler didnt Go aways so wont xiping" maybe legal in Australia but Not in China and also Not in many Other countrys… Only radical extremists are locked Up in China… Hitler was killed… He want xiping killed… Thats Not moderat or progressiv He is radical!!!

    I am sad you give an extremist a Platform dir His Agenda but i understand you want to Show all Sides even the dirty ones…

    Still good and informativ Video keep IT up

  10. Thanks, this was very informative. The surrounding countries selling escaped people back to this region is very similar to how escaped slaves in the US were sold back to the south. Until that changes these people are going to keep suffering. This is a horrible situation.

  11. You know what happened in Re-education camp? Some of these people planning to kill the innocent people on street. I have some relates live in Xinjiang, they need to carry knives when they need to buy something on street. Because when rioter believe you are Han Chinese they might kill you!! Would you please not just listen one people what he said? That is what I heard from my relatives who exactly live in xinjiang!!!

  12. I almost had a chance to work in Xinjiang when I was in China in 2019, I honestly had no idea at the times of the concentration camps or anything. The job offer fell through, but I kinda wish I had the opportunity, so I could see the cool part of not China that's way different and more unique than the Beijing I lived in lol

    By the way, I don't mean to ignore the absolute atrocities China is committing there, it is awful. I pray for the Uighurs… We have the west calling Trump "Literally Hitler." While the China that they praise is… literally Hitler lol

  13. I don't think China is killing Uyghurs, more like exploiting a new source of cheap labor that mainland China has been steadily losing to maintain market competiveness.

  14. Where to start! We have the images of many camps. The stories of people who have been in them. Still, some silly person is going to stroll down a street or two out of a whole province, not see a camp and then conclude there are no camps??? That would be like me walking or driving through the local downtown and then saying there are no prisons in my whole state… Of course I’m not comparing prisons here to the camps in Xinjiang as those camps are full of people arbitrarily detained. What a sad state of affairs. The CCP does not see a problem with what they are doing but rather continues on from year to year 100% intentionally. It’s got to end. Unfortunately the good Chinese citizens cannot stand up to their government and call for change. They don’t have that power.

  15. Please!!!! @laowhy86 put subtitles to this video! I need to send this to my family members and friends who can't speak english……

  16. Thank you, so much, Arslan, for explaining all of this. I feel so sad that the west have by and large allowed this to happen. I hope the Uygurs can one day see better days.

  17. "It would be a blessing, mercy to the Uighurs if they would could just die, why not make money of them?" That may have been the most chilling words I have ever heard.