The TRUTH About Gas Prices

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  1. Because of their LYING, CHEATING, and DEFRAUDING in the 2020 Federal Election, proven by the documentary >>2000 Mules << participating Liberals should be JAILED permanently, then send to Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay Navel Base out of U.S. jurisdiction and face military tribunals. The least to happen to them is complete and utter forfeiture of their United States citizenship permanently.

  2. If I was in charge of end all be all. These people would loose the right to life, stripped of their wealth, and removed from power. Charged with treason and all the penalties that come from such.

  3. The flaw in the green energy agenda is that we can't get the world to follow. The US can go completely green, and commit suicide, but China, Russia, and India, who produce 80% of the "greenhouse" gasses, won't follow. And if they don't do the same as US it will be impossible to meet the 2035 goal for CO2 emissions! Then what? We lose and they prosper. Dumb? Or, diabolical? What is the catch?

  4. I’ll see your tin foil hat and add in the complete gutting of the DoD, the release of so many who refuse the vax, the pronouns, not meeting recruiting goals, the amount of individuals walking away from the military. If we have civil unrest does that mean an overseas entity needs to regulate?

  5. The USA is killing itself when the rest of the world is not. This is like a track runner giving there opponent a 20 meter head start in a 100 meter sprint. This is insanity, the carbon footprint of a electric car is ten times or more worse than a gas car. Electric batteries? Where you going to place the batteries? Buttering is a big dik

  6. None of this is about "climate," affordability, or "sustainability (the most ridiculous). It has EVERYTHING to do with power and, more importantly, control. Because these overpriced EOVs are "state of the art," they come fully connected to a grid controlled by the DS. Why do they want this social credit crap so much? Well, if you piss off the state (could be anything, literally), they shut off your vehicle with the flip of a switch. You are now under their house arrest and on their proverbial "shit list." It wouldn't take much for the modern gestapo to rush in under dark of night and you just disappear (Stalin anyone?). Oh, and your EOV is dead. Any attempt to flee is futile. Yes, the gas hike is absolutely planned and on purpose.

  7. Why aren't you telling the public to do what they need to do? 2nd Amendment rights the armed militia with military equipment and training and throw this USA Government out. And set up an emergency election putting this country back to its design 1 party or would you get kicked off utube? As in the close of this episode President Regan said the people who had the most to lose did the least to win???

  8. This is the term that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends.

    Somebody voted for this idiot not knowing who he was , and we continue suffering forever just because….
    This is the term that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends……

    (Sung to the tune of Lamb Chop's play house.)

  9. I believe BlackRock is one word. The BlackRock conspiracy is overdone. "BlackRock is buying up all the Real Estate so everyone will be renters". BS The most likely reason for all the mess is a push to a new world order with the elites running it. BlackRock is probably part of that but only part.

  10. I have this crazy idea, how about we stop spending >$1trillion on the global military empire which primarily advantages trans nationals and the state and defense department deep states and defend the borders and make some stuff here besides drug addicts.

  11. The more people that you can get on electric cars and more reliant on electricity the better they can control the people when the grid goes down and there's no electricity at all.

  12. The World Economic Forum controls the Democrat Party. This is all about implementing Eco Communism in the USA. There are over 300 years of oil reserves under US soil, not including offshore drilling or fracking. Over 5000 every day products are made from petroleum. Farming and trucking need diesel to work. Oil runs the wind towers. Coal is behind the electrical grid. What the Communist Democrats are doing to the Oil industry is frankly criminal and will kill millions while destroying our economy forever.

  13. THEY ARE SO STUPID!! Electric cars have ZERO trade off from a carbon standpoint. Coal powers our electrical grid and will for decades to come. This is all a complete pipe dream with absolutely ZERO basis in reality. Not to mention the environmental cost of the batteries involved in these cars. Smh it’s a complete hoax.

  14. The problem is that what Black Rock does is COMPLETELY LEGAL for the most part. What we need to do is find a way to keep them away from our politics. There has GOT to be legislation to end campaign finance. It should be 100% controlled by the people. Each candidate gets access to the same amount of resources. There would have to be a strict rule-set for primary candidates where grass
    Roots fundraising is a requirement. These guys can’t make all the money they want, legally but they should have ZERO influence on our government.

  15. It’s always the Democrats doing EXACTLY what they accuse everyone else of doing. They should be immediately investigated for anything they accuse anyone else of doing. Without fail, they’ve been caught living the exact narratives they spread about the opposition.

  16. We have got to find a way to get through to these democrat voters. None of us will have ANYTHING we love here if we don’t get them to help us put a stop to this. Can we really wait till 2024 to end this?? The mid-terms will only put a dent in the damage Joe Biden is doing.

  17. 9:00 Did you not learn anything from the widespread voter fraud in 2020? The Democrats know they can steal any election at any time in America and get away with it. They have the media and judicial system 100% on their side to banish any looking in to the election process.

  18. 34:39 You should have lead with that. This is the real reason behind all of this madness. By 2034, there will be 2 major powers in the world: the CCP and the coalition behind the WEF. America will exist only in name.

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