The TRUTH About Matt Hancock on I’m A Celebrity

As Matt Hancock is “interrogated in I’m A Celebrity”, Pfizer and Moderna announce they are launching clinical trials to track vaccine-associated heart problems such as Myocarditis – a topic that’s been censored for months. Was Covid the real reality show?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. But isn't that always the case, that politicians put rules into place, that don't apply to them, but everybody else? When you do something wrong, you'll most likely be held acountable for it. If politicians do something wrong, it might hinder their career, but "held accountable" ? Nah, not really. That goes for Corruption, Nepotism, conflicting interest, pedophilia, sometimes even lethal (car-) accidents …

    I thought this is how it is supposed to be …

    Like our government (germany), telling ppl that hard times are coming and we'll all have less wealth in the future … after they rose the pay for member of parliaments by €300 starting on the 1st of july and planning a new building for the chancellor, which will cost roughly 777 million EUROS !

    We are all equal … just some are a little more equal than others … most of those are in our governments. 🙂

  2. Even if they find a problem with the jab causing myocarditis, they'll just create another drug that people have to take to mitigate those effects. Big pharma wins either way

  3. in 20202 right in the thick of lockdown my Mother was struck with terminal cancer, I was able to get her home to live out her last weeks but did it almost entirely alone. After caring for her for 20 years and then having ti nurse her in her last days totally took it out of me. Dealing with that on top of all the Covid bollocks broke me both physically and mentally. Yet now I need help from the system I'm being denied everything and struggling like never before, I am expected to just pull myself together and go find a job!

  4. I didn't listen or obey the elite. I was just waiting for them to try to make it a law just to get arrested and have it hammered by the Supreme court as a violation of my rights. Don't ever let celebrities, politicians or the rich dictate your life. If you didn't notice the big parties in Hollywood where the help had to wear masks and the rich and elite did not. During a pandemic does that make any sense to you? It was all a show and a way for them to show they have power over you and you are nothing but a peasant. We moved away from this when the US was born and there was no king and queen and elite. Take your power back and your voice back and stop putting them in power and voting for them.

  5. I kept saying these vaccines hadn't be proven safe in the long term, I had friends and relatives saying there was no evidence it wasn't safe. Their arguement was ridiculus. I now feel vindicated, but also heartbroken that children are now suffering due to big pharma lies

  6. ONE thing Matt Hancock 'has' displayed for the World to 'judge him by' being in 'The Jungle' is that He displays 'every' characteristic of a Psychopath ….. With his 'charm' winning the 'Hearts & Minds' battle with the 'Dumb-Down-Society' viewers that until a while ago would have willingly CRUCIFY him on the spot – As would MOST of the Camp-Mates to start with …. But just look at those Shifty, Swivel-Eyes when He's sat alone, working out how the land lies around him, and WHO he needs to 'Snuggle-Up' to next! …… Problem IS! …. That the Dumb-Down society will very likely KEEP him IN! And may even vote him 'The King Of The Jungle' ….. HOW insufferable will he BE then?? …. Giving a Green Light to EVERY Scheming Toe-Rag MP to do EXACTLY as they like …. Knowing that the 'Nine-Day-Wonder' Rule STILL Applies … Hmmm??? … God Save us from Psychopaths 😞

  7. During and post this clearly stage managed plandemic I have lost what little faith I had in politicians and government as well as the largely idiotic public who sucked up the plainly absurd propaganda, lies and fear mongering. With this latest celebrity jungle bulk**t.
    I now also wonder what kind of memory most of these viewers have!
    To have corrupt criminal Hancock paraded on our TV screens in this way is both an indictment of the establishments disdain for the public and also the idiots who can bring themselves to watch this insulting garbage.

  8. We do not have the appearance of democracy. Representative democracy is kingship with extra steps.

    Democracy is you voting on everything and having your government slaves do it.

    No one in government should be proposing or voting on anything beyond their normal, singular vote that everyone else also has. They're to be gofers, not leaders.

  9. It's not a revolution if you want your country to abide by it's own constitution. What's actually happening is a revolution by those in power. They have hijacked our freedom, and are guilty of violating human rights. The revolution is their 'new world order' , a one world governance(nationalism). Power must be restored to the pe

  10. Ah. The rose coloured glasses of hindsight. There is no doubt mistakes were made. There was no doubt at the time that mistakes would be made. Humanity got lucky the virus mutated into Delta then Omicron as quickly as it did. But the wild type and Alpha were real killers. At at that moment in time, in the early days, as the early variants were ripping through Italy, the question was posed to medical science… "what have you got?" The answer was a reflection of the best understanding humanity had at the time. And it sucked, oh how it sucked, and it was far from perfect, but it was what we had. There wasn't time to research, to plan, to consult, decisions had to be made. So the politicians did the one thing we pay them to do and made decisions. Some were wrong. We knew at the time some would be wrong. But the general principal of trying to keep away from each other for long enough to allow some sort of vaccine or treatment to come to pass that had some level of effectiveness isn't stupidity. Of course some big money found ways to make more money, as it always does. But on the whole the pandemic was extremely expensive, and there were and are many more losers than winners financially. Countries are looking at recession now as inflation is used to start to pay back the money that was borrowed. Just a hint, recession doesn't mean business is doing well. The cost is enormous. Politicians haven't done well either, with governments being tossed out across the globe for their mistakes. I think that many people who you imply are stupid sheep of the state, supposedly brainwashed by media, understood that reality at the time. I certainly did.

    What happened has to be contrasted with what would have happened had we not taken the actions we did. The advantage you rely on is that we can never truly know, but what I believe is that essentially there would have been a bucketload of more dead people. Compare the death rates in places with extensive responses with those that did nothing. And I also believe those places that did nothing benefited greatly from the places that did something. All very well to look back now and coulda, shoulda, woulda the situation. But if you were Prime Minister, would you have risked going against the best medical advice that was on offer? Quite the stuff up if you do and your wrong don't you think?

    Of course there are many, many lessons to be learned. The experience of this pandemic will be fed back into the medical science world and studied ad nauseum until the next pandemic, at which point the question will be posed again. Will the response next time be perfect? I doubt it. Will it be be better? Yes. Just as the response to Covid was better than the response to previous pandemics. Now of course the more extreme examples can be held to account, and it is very poor form for leaders to enforce law on the public that they didn't obey themselves. But their hypocrisy doesn't mean there decisions were wrong. Not all of them anyway.

  11. At last you can say things that should have been possible to say 2 years ago. It's not really democracy that let's us wait that long to ask the questions that should have been asked all along.

  12. It’s a pity you’re not in the jungle with Matt Hancock Russell! His pathetic, powerless and meaningless party line responses would be rendered completely irrelevant and obsolete when faced with the truths of his actions.

  13. Why are people watching crap like that? Why are people eating animal genitalia? Same answer that explains how the 'powers that be' got away with all the Kung flu funny business. Too many people are completely dumbed down and without decency and values.

  14. NO, we have not moved on or forgotten. Teaching is a love. I am BANNED from teaching. So that's that ? This is Canada this is 2022. HOW….HOW … is this possible? Amnesty–?? So bloody sad that we have allowed this to happen.

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