The Truth About Mortality Rates | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline

Tony Robbins interviews Dr. Michael Levitt, Nobel Laureate and Stanford Professor, about his extensive analysis of COVID-19 mortality rates – which have shown strict lockdowns to be an overreaction that have caused more harm than good.

This interview is part of the “Facts From the Frontlines” episode of #TheTonyRobbinsPodcast, where Tony uncovers the truth about coronavirus with a 7-person panel of highly qualified researchers, an experienced epidemiologist, a Nobel Laureate, and M.D.s testing and treating patients on the frontlines. Together, they reveal the evidence-based research that has come to light in the last two months.

This is one of the most important interviews Tony has ever conducted. It reminds us to stand guard at the door of our mind, practice discernment when determining trustworthy sources, and think critically in order to stay flexible and maintain the ability to pivot in light of new information – especially when lives depend on it.

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00:00 – start
00:31 – Professor Levitt
00:19 – Journey against fear
03:18 – Not much worse than the flu
03:46 – Average person believe what we have been told
04:36 – Death rates is what’s important
06:06 – Epidemiologists don’t mind being wrong on the high side
07:02 – Decisions that were made were bases off morbidity rate of 3.5% – 4.5%
07:28 – Algorithm = Model = Guess
08:13 – We have new data but we haven’t changed what we’re doing
10:08 – 4 countries that did NOT shut down
10:58 – Herd immunity
14:03 – Who Coronavirus taking out?
15:32 – Being coded for COVID
16:54 – A race to try to maximize deaths
17:28 – Did social distancing save us?
18:41 – Update from Tony Robbins

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*NEW RESEARCH FROM DR. LEVITT*: Influenza and COVID19 Have Similar Total and Age Range Excess Deaths

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Written by Tony Robbins


  1. Here is some info on the vaccine they will be trying to get you to take:

    Here is some info on Bill Gates and his horrific, amazing cash cow, vaccine: This doctor produced vid tells what I think the scare tactics are really moving the unsuspecting and too trusting populace toward. I personally think that when Gates talks here about "the final solution" through his vaccine program, that he is deliberately (probably gleefully) revealing what he is really up to. He counts on the naive and trusting to not think it was just some strange slip of the tongue.

    The phrase "the final solution" was, of course, made famous through Nazis in regard to their eugenicist plan for exterminating Jews. They also made "essential services" famous. Of course the "need"for "essential services" was used to cull and control the populace.

    Gates and others working with him want to put invisible tattoos on children and others to track their "health" and vaccination records. Now what are those tattoos reminescent of from last century?

    He is so interested in decreasing population, particularly in the vulnerable African countries. Uh, who asked him to be a depopulation czar for our planet? No one. Why don't Bill and Melinda start depopulating with themselves? Oh, wait. We are supposed to assume that they are god like beings who get to make decisions for human "population control" in the world, while they are are above such consideration. Another underlying assumption appears to be that people in Africa, especially, need to be stopped from reproducing more black people.

    The need to depopulate is a eugenicist myth. If all the people in the world were to stand together in one place, they would fit into a large city easily. All one has to do is fly over this country and other countries, including even little but highly productive Israel, and see the vast amount of empty, unpopulted, space that is out there.

    Let's see. Gates has a strong family background promoting eugenics. He called his vaccine "the final solution." He wants to depopulate the world. AND he wants you, with force if possible, to take his vaccine. See any red flags there?

    This less than one minute vid, with the smirks on Bill's & Melinda's faces, is incredibly creepy: I'll quote a You Tuber here about this vid. "The fact he smirks and claims the second one will get attention means this is orchestrated."

    Here is a video with Senator Robert Kennedy Jr. vs Alan Deshowtiz. Kennedy gives tons of hard core data about how harmful vaccines are. Derschowitz gives the dracononian party line.

  2. Would love to know why people 'dislike' videos like this. A total world expert saying that covid19 is nothing to worry about and that isn't good enough? Far out… live in fear you sheeple

  3. think about how many times the police use the TERROR LAWS to bother citizens.
    now how many times will they use COVID LAWS in the future to bother you ?

    theres no virus, just a lot of new and powerful laws.

  4. wow I'm impressed courageous move to question the authority narrative. Thank you. This could well be the start of the unraveling of the power web that has captured the world. They are calling for a great reset of capitalism….. we need a great reset of Democracy first…..

  5. "Worldwide, epidemiological patterns seem to provide a clue. In countries where mask wearing was already commonplace, such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Singapore, and in countries where mask wearing was quickly embraced, such as the Czech Republic, rates of severe illness and death have remained comparatively low."

    This guy is speculating and admits he's not an expert, but he conforms to the sense of "personal power", that an individual mind is always greater than the collective. Yes, you can affect YOUR destiny, but once you get beyond your own nose, be a bit more modest.

    Libertarian "achievers" tend to confirm their priors that information from large authorities is always inherently wrong. The consequences are real. The idea of "conspiracy" is a defense mechanism that filters out reality. I like Tony, but the "personal power" and success at any cost is, unfortunately blind to the costs at times. You can't get a 16% return on your money without someone getting hurt, and you can't act like it's 1987 in the reality of this very real disease.

  6. We should become like THEM. When entering a business, we should bring our own thermometer and check THEIR temperature, obtain THEIR names and phone numbers and ask THEM if they have symptoms of COVID-19, and if THEY recently travelled abroad.
    And if THEY refuse to cooperate – report THEM to the authorities. Remember, people – THEY have the same rights as us. This is written in our Constitution, and don't be afraid to remind THEM!!!

  7. my theory is the New worl order want to reduce populatio and must be rubbing thier hands with glee that 1000s now have decided to not wear masks! double bluff

  8. Under President Trump's request, the CDC has now included a new listing to give a very accurate account of Covid19's deaths in the Unitied States, Covid19 Only deaths. And it's 6% of 161,392 = 9,683 Covid19 Only deaths. In other words, we've been intentionally lied to create fear so that politicians can maintain control of us.
    For the below CDC Covid19 Only deaths listing, look for Comorbidities. It's between table 2 and table 3.

  9. Tony – why did you go against your entire belief structure on vaccines and support a vaccine now? How could you do that? It goes against everything you've ever taught. You have betrayed millions of people who love you. Please explain why you did it.

  10. excellent & professional video! only mistake! Taiwan NOT Thailand. I live in Thailand and we did lockdown.. Taiwan did not lock down.. Sounds similar so I think they simply made a typo..

  11. for god so loved thee world that he gave heth only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not die but have everlasting life…belief in Christ Jesus be a free gift from the father, given to them [ through thee hearing of heth words ] whom he hath chosen for salvation….




  12. There is no pandemic! Now, send these criminals to jail. 10 million people must go to the white house and do a citizens arrest of all politicians, Dr. Fauci, Big pharma, and criminal doctors. We have the power. Lest you forget, our leaders work for US!!!!

  13. While this is an excellent talk, unfortunately I have to report the following: even though Thailand indeed didn't shut down immediately after first cases (they were first country outside china) and the disease indeed hardly spread at first, after it started spreading slightly more in second instance they went in full force lockdown and still keeping quite strict measures. Its unfortunate bc as this flu would hardly spread in countries like Thailand anyway, they couldve carried on with low risk and keeping their economy in tact, getting on top of everybody else.

  14. Interesting video, but outdated information.

    In the US we typically have 30-40K flu deaths per year, but those are deaths when we have a somewhat vaccinated population (i.e. annual flu vaccines, and this year the vaccine is for 4 strains of flu).

    AS more data has been gathered on COVID-19 in the USA, the US modelling suggested that we should have 180K deaths by October. It's still early September and we have almost 190K deaths. Remember that our ability to treat the disease is much improved since it first began, but we still are averaging over $1K deaths per day.

    Japan is mentioned, but it is now beginning to see an increase in COVID-19 cases.

    Thailand is interesting because they have a normal practice of washing out their nasal cavities on a regular basis. We know that the primary infection route for this virus is via the nose so regular nasal lavage is helpful (but not the normal practice in Western countries.

    The mortality rate is lower in the UK – possibly because of the fact that at one time there was mandatory BCG vaccination, and that may confer some immunity. There's also some evidence of some protection from MMR and shingles vaccines, and that those who have had more frequent colds may have more immunity (again a possibility especially for the common cold ridden UK.

    South Africa is a puzzle, because the virus isn't ravaging their population in the same way. In the USA African Americans are disproportionately affected and the death rate is much higher for them. Potential co-morbidities are obesity rates, diabetes, smoking, cardiovascular disease and early access to health care, all of which are worse, especially for older African Americans. In S. Africa the high density of people in townships may mean that they already have some immunity to coronaviruses, and that is being investigated.

    Sweden did not close down. But remember >50% of Swede's live alone so interpersonal transmission may be significantly less than in more crowded places (NYC has almost the population of Sweden) and now Sweden has a COVID-19 death rate that is 10X that of neighboring Finland/Norway. I think herd immunity with this virus may not be rational. Herd immunity requires 2 things: that 60-70% of the population become infected, that the body develops lasting immunity to the pathogen. It also assumes that there are no lingering damaging effects of the pathogen. For COVID-19 this isn't the case. there is evidence that the COVID-19 antigens may not last more than 3-4 months, but it isn't clear. There is growing evidence that there are lasting effects of infection in some survivors. For example, in a study of infected college athletes some 1/3 are showing some potentially lasting damage to the heart.

    Initially we thought this virus was a respiratory virus, but while it's pretty clear that it gains entry primarily via the respiratory system (though there's some evidence that it might also enter via the eyes) and it attacks the respiratory system, the growing evidence is that it isn't a simple respiratory virus. For a while the hypothesis has been that it wreaks havoc because of a cytokine storm (cytokines are family of small protein messengers in the immune system that can kick the immune system into high gear). However, a recent 'supercomputer' analysis of all published COVID-19 research shows that it's deleterious effects probably aren't caused by a cytokine storm (although in some cases that can happen as a consequence of the real cause) but rather is caused by its effect on the kinin system – in particular the peptide bradykinin, which causes leaky blood vessels in organs and tissues. The virus enters the nose via the ACE2 receptor sites on cells (the eye also has these sites) and the intestines, heart and kidneys also have these receptors (which may explain the range of COVID-19 systems that goes beyond respiratory distress). The bradykinin storm results in leaky blood vessels and the production of hyaluronic acid in the lungs and together this creates a 'hydrogel', so the lungs don't just fill with fluid but rather with a fluid gel, which is why breathing is so difficult and in many cases ventilators don't work well. This bradykinin storm also causes heart damage in ~20% of patients and neurological damage (delirium, seizures, stroke) in some 50% of patients. COVID-19 is NOT the flu!

    Bottom line – forget the stats and take sensible self- precautions. Wear a mask and protect the eyes (with glasses, an eyeshield/mask combo product, or a face shield + mask). Spray the mask with a salt solution and let it dry – latest evidence shows that this increase the rate of deactivating the virus. Gargle with salt water and use a saline nasal spray or some system to regularly clean the sinuses (like a netipot). Keep the mouth and teeth super clean. Of course, wash hands regularly (soap and water generally outperforms sanitizers). And practice social distancing (reduces the chance of being exposed to infected droplets). Use a good quality room air filter (preferably one with at least HEPA quality and a UV-C light). Get outside into fresh air and sunshine as much as possible (little evidence of any outdoor infection, and some evidence of beneficial effects of vitamin-D). Only eat cooked foods (some evidence of the virus on some frozen foods and on fish).

  15. If anyone wants to contact me about my comments they can email me at
    With 4 decades of indoor air quality research I have been developing practical design solutions to dealing with COVID-19 and similar pathogens in buildings.

    Professor Emeritus Alan Hedge,PhD,CPE,C.HFE

    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures Faculty Fellow

    Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainable Futures Faculty Fellow

    Cornell University,Design + Environmental Analysis

  16. Medially presented to create utter Fear…flushed thru the entire World, No Real Science…corrupted/inconsistent data & Death Certs., incentivized medical involvement, bullying by Governors & Mayors with unrealistic mandates & enforcements, Human Rights immediately compromised, quickly turned into political tactics, Censorships place on public dialogues. Should have set off at least 5Billion Red Flags…at least 300Million in the U.S….but it didn't. ???
    Highly suggest self-education on Basic Human Anatomy, Whole-body Healthcare, Human Psychology (which is one of the playbooks being used, btw)…Interesting stuff, & well-worth your time & Life. 🙂

  17. Thank you Tony for a great interview & info that should be on CNN & other major media. News has become so limited & alarmist. Please consider starting a news channel !

  18. Now the numbers are showing this was a political play… so sad. Now the facts reflect the testing shows 90% or more of the positive results are false and the fatality rate considering existing conditions is the same as the Flu or common cold. Sad.

  19. CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIERS! stop spewing dangerous propaganda that masks are "safe"!!
    This was my response to someone who asked WHY is it not good to wear the facemask:

    A: a facemask does not protect against the viruses, it is as effective as chain link fence against the mosquitoes (micrometer sized pores in your mask vs nano-meter sized viruses). furthemore, you are allow to wear any kind of nask, even a regular cloth mask. The openings of cloth masks are huge, compardd to medical masks and you are breathing in the syntetic fibers. some of those fibers get to your lugs, other end up in nasal passages.

    B: a facemask lowers your oxygen intake and promotes diseases. Diseases love low oxygen levels. For example, cancer loves anaerobic conditions and under high oxigen levels cancer cannot proliferate. All living things needs oxygen, if you put the mask on your mouth you immediately get into red zone of what OSHA regulation allows for ofigen levels, with facemasks you are immediately BELOW the safe oxygen percentage of 19.5%. You are immediately in group of risky professions like firefigters, yet you do not carry the ofigen tank like firefighters do. Plus, you recycle your bacteria and viruses and your throat and nose can develop the staph infection, as it was already noticed with many of those that were using the masks for more than short period of time.

    C: You hear people arguing "Doctors wear masks all the time". err. NO! they only wer them when they must, say during a surgery. But, the air quality in a hospital is regulated to push more oxygen into the air to counter the affects of the masks doctors miust wear during surgery.

    D: covid virus was never isolated/purified because it does not exist – prove otherwise by providing electron microscope image of it.

    E: facemasks are the symbol of submission to the master, centuries ago, slaves were ordered to wear the masks and this carried over to today when many Arab women still wear the burkas. Those women are the slaves of their husbands, they even cannot go next to their husbands, they have to follow their husbands, just like slaves have done through out the hystory.

    F: today, you wear your slave muzzle (your western burka) and you keep asking why wearing mask is stupid? Can you please take off your mask, inhale and oxygenate your brain and you will be able to figure out the answer on your own question.

    G: if after all, of this you still do not get it as "why" masks should not be worn then your brain is already damaged. Sorry, but that is the truth.

    H: the fact is that healthy people should not wear the mask. period. end of story. honest doctors expose the scam:

    Do you think that God/Creator/Nature is stupid?
    Do you think animals are stupid?
    what is next, have wild and domestic animals will be made to wear the muzzles?
    great idea — put the muzzles on all of those animals in Chinese wet market!

    does your dog or cat wears a muzzle? no, then, quick — put a muzzle on on their snouts, it is proven that corona viruses are in all of the animals, even in papaya fruit!

    steal reading?
    Good. let me guess — you are waiting for the vaccine so that you can go back to "normal"?

    Question is, should you take the covid vaccine?
    before you do, check out the video and comments below:
    Delay in AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial is a 'wake up call

    see, they have some major issues with vaccine safety, and those who have researched the whole HOAX know why. Do you know why?
    Do you want to be a vaccine test subject, injected with untested DNA/RNA vaccines for "covid virus" that have never been isolated/purified??
    yes, covid virus was never seen under an electron microscope!! then, what will they be injecting you with, they are making the vaccine against a virus that they have no idea what it actually look like?
    should they know what virus looks like before they make the vaccine?
    See, that is the answer — they are making a vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated/purified.
    WHY are the doing it? Is the vaccine what they want to use to modify every single human on planet?
    Why would they do that? What is really in that vaccine?
    what could go wrong? We know that they already have the vaccine indemnity against killing us, it was signed in March of 2020.

    To understand how bad a rushed vaccine can be you need to understand the following;
    Even WHO, an absolutely corrupt organization that is financed by Gates, Soros and the Chinese Communist Party is backpedaling on those rushed vaccines.

    Remember, Gates said that he expects that 10% of people that have taken the vaccine "could die" but that will be small price to pay for this eugenicist and the hidden controllers that are now holding the whole world hostage. Take a look what is happening now in Australia, whole continent is in lock-down and psychopathic tyrants are having fun with the people.

    I would suggest that you do not support our common oppressors and petty tyrants, think for yourself, talk to other people and you will see that this COVID shite is the biggest hoax in whole history of the world!
    And, take off that muzzle!

    Humans are most definitely the stupidest species that walks the earth today! So many people lost the common sense and logic and reason is nowhere to be found, except for a few thinking people.
    Instead of turning of the idiot box (TV) and talking to each other, observing the nature, especially the animals, majority of the people keep themselves glued to TV and social media (controlled by same entities) in attempt to become "informed". Yet, they are not informed but indoctrinated, to the detriment of whole humanity. If 95% of people think masks are good idea or vaccines are great idea — then they drag the whole world down the drain, their acquiescence to new draconian rules then becomes legitimized.

    Do you understand that most off the animals have more life wisdom than the most of the people that are alive today?
    so many people have lost the connection with the nature, God, creation – whatever you want to call it, they rather believe paid propagandists and crooks than think for themselves.

    When will people like you start thinking for yourself?

    Are you unwilling (afraid?) to think or you cannot think for yourself?