The Truth About Plastic Recycling … It’s Complicated

The Truth About Plastic Recycling. The first 100 people to use code UNDECIDED at the link below will get 20% off of Incogni: Is it a scam? It’s complicated. The 3R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle has been drilled into our heads as the way forward towards a sustainable future. The plastic industry focused heavily on selling us that plastic recycling was the perfect solution to the plastic waste problem. Yet, plastic recycling has turned out to be … trash. Literally. In fact, most of the plastic we’ve produced so far has ended up in landfills, or worse, in the food we eat every day. Does that mean recycling is a scam? Or is there a way forward that won’t waste our time when recycling waste? There’s some interesting innovations that may help solve some of the problem. Let’s see if we can come to a decision on this.

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  1. it's known that plastic recycling in AU is a joke it just go's away at night after pickup AS LAND FILL what a joke but no body wants to now where it go,s !!!! atm into old mine shafts and any hole after mining ect go figure

  2. Great video. Whilst not strictly recycling are you aware of companies such as Powerhouse Energy and Eqtec who have developed gasification technology to convert some of these un-recyclable plastics and other waste products into Hydrogen? Future video maybe?

  3. It's our fault as consumers . In years gone by we had glass milk bottles that were refilled and reused, we had open canisters for rice and other loose items which the shop keeper would weigh and hand out to customers, we had soap bars that had no plastic bottle and we had water flasks that we refilled with what we wanted.

    It has been our buying habits that have caused this we need to stop buying things with 'only' hygiene in mind (it's the biggest way these companies have manipulated our buying habits, health and hygiene) . Everything needs to be taken into consideration including the effect on the environment.

  4. Plastic has been very important not just for consumer products but medical as well. The short sightedness of activists tend to fail to acknowledge the unintended side affects of their top down decisions. I am glad science and advancement will. Likely solve the problem but let's not forget petroleum based plastics still have their place.

  5. I've always suspected – WE have to sort the plastic. WE have to pay to have it recycled. Then the corporations get to SELL IT BACK TO US. If we gave a rats ass about efficiency, we would sift all trash, burn biologicals for energy, and recycle whatever else we can. But, we don't give a rats ass. We only care about oil industry profits. Same reason for many of America's problems: corporate capture of regulatory bodies.

  6. We, as consumers, can watch and comment on this kind of videos as much as we want, it's not up to us. "Doing our part" is the stupidest concept. We use what they shove down our throats, I can't believe that governments allow companies to make worse and worse quality products so we have to replace them quicker, yet they tell me to unplug my phone charger over night to save couple of Watts a month. Recycling is just another mony maker for the chosen ones. We have to segregate our rubbish nowin recyclable and non recyclable, so certain companies can make money, yet the councils charge us more for actually actively participating in the scheme. And after all this racket, now we are told that nobody recycles anything, they just dump it in another country.

  7. as a consumer we have very little choice as to how things are packaged …what happened to the 1 month biodegradable by UV clear plastics made from corn ?

  8. As to politicians…
    Well in Latin America, we have a pragmatic view of politicians
    All politicians are corrupt. We just hope that they do SOMETHING good while lining their pockets.
    In other words, good luck in getting ANY major traction as the petrol industry has most politicians worldwide in their pockets.

  9. if there are ric 1-7 and only ric 1 and ric 2 are recycling, why are we still using ric 3-7. of course since china figured out the recycling plastic is a negative cost industry. now no plastic is being recycled.

  10. If you walk into a grocery store, you will be surrounded by plastics. I try so hard not to use plastic, but it is nearly impossible. Even plastic forks are wrapped in plastic in plastic boxes shrinkwrapped in plastic. Every winter boats are taken out of the water and shrink-wrapped, and every spring this wrap is thrown away. We HAVE to do something! We have survived just fine with all this plastic before.

  11. The sad part is this was a test Balloon, big business realized they could fool the world. Then came Covid 19 sure we can scam this too on the public. I knew 10 yrs. back on the plastic scam, buddy owned a recycle ctr. when broke. Had all the things that had no value ended up in the trash or plastic NOT ABLE TO RECYLE, WAS SOLD AS ""GRIND AKA EXCITER FUEL"" FOR POWER GENERATION, they burn it. But wait this problem is the publics. Our Gov. is just a propaganda machine to blame some one other then them for what they create and master the sher-aide on Joe 6 pack. wake up fools!!!

  12. Wind farms, solar farm and electric cars are the next scam only to make things less reliable, costly and become a a recycle night mare. A battery cesspool of our future in some unknown country.

  13. Thanks Matt, great information.I have an ider for plastic's, sometime now.
    Now that I know it's not really recycled , more shipped ABROAD.Hopefuly their is hope for my ider.Continue to up date us.Great job.

  14. i recall being in junior high on Earth day 1970. for some reason we seem to keep returning to 1970s for some reason. I don't think we figured out something back then,
    I was testing water along a stream along a railroad track we played as kids. high levels of benzene. I had found what later was turned a super fund site.
    As a gardener, who grew up with farming pre-depression era farmer grand parents. They kept everything and didn't buy much. milk out of a bucket, not a bottle.
    how our society got to the point of waste is sickening.

  15. Like Like Like 10,000 times! Excellent. One thing I observed during Covid was that "Reduce" went out the window. The bans on plastic bags and take-out containers seemed to vanish and I feel we took a big step back.

  16. "… shifts recycling costs from taxpayers and local governments to packaging brands."

    No it doesn't. That just does a better job of hiding those costs. Any cost increase to the producer is passed on to the consumer. That's why corporate taxes are actually hidden taxes on the consumer. Corporations don't pay taxes, we do in the form of higher prices. So it will be with the "fees" and extra expense of research being placed on the recycling producers.

  17. I’m all for R-R-R whenever possible but unrecyclable plastic can be burnt safely for energy capture, and thats better than putting it in a landfill.


  19. Here in Canada our Prime Minister Trudeau has back peddled on his ban on Single-Use plastics. The oil companies get billions of dollars of subsidies and truly control the world's policy contributing to Global Warming Pollution & War, yet barely employ workers while funneling huge profits to the top 1%.

  20. When governments require corporations to be "environmentally responsible", these corporations will always require something in return form governments. What is their kickback ? There is always going to be a cosy relationship between the regulated and the regulator.

  21. 👍Using alternatives to plastics
    👎Plactic eating orgainisms. AFAIK it's likely the enzymes don't actually consume the hydrocarbon molecues, or the actual plastic but break up the bonds that holds plastic together. If that's the case, then the plastic remains except now it's a dust instead of a sheet(or whatever the original form was). And, specific enzymes work only on specific plastics.
    👍Regardless whether there is a current market for collected plastics, it's important to collect plastics and store them separately even buried at the dump if necessary so that plastic is kept separate from other waste like compostables and metals. One day there technology and possibly scarcity will make discarded plastics valuable enough to dig up and utilize, so it's important to cache it all by itself for the future.

  22. Okay… before I even complete watching this video, lemme share HOW I SOLVED the plastic recycling problem: toss all plastic in the recycling bin and make it the govt's problem. Yes, yes, they'll blame ya'll for your lack of obedience, to which the reply is straight forward: "not my fucken problem y'all caved to corporate rule. We dont have the power to fix it, THAT'S THE GOVTS JOB FFS!" And if they threaten taxes to fix it, or corporations blame govts for raising prices, then revolution.

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