The TRUTH About ‘The Great Reset’

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Thank you producers! — William Fitz, Nicholas Carlough, Kyle K. Mann, Robin Laurain, Andrew Standfast, Orleny Silverio, FreeAssangeNow, Michaelynn Kyjonka, Medea Benjamin.


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  1. Lee I'd add that it isn't just the rich perpetuating biases and awful ideas. The general populace has all the same problems but less means. Money does not exclude them from cultural tradition, make them smarter or make them evil. They are also a bunch of nervous dinguses who think they know it all just like us. This is no excuse it's a wake-up call that the problem is much larger and intrinsic.

  2. This is what valets should say when these sociopaths arrive…. for $10,000 I'll take care of your car, anything less $5,000 & you'll only find small scratches & dents, less then $1,000 & you will have to find another way home or maybe, I'll keep the "escort" you brought with you company while you jack off with your friends.

  3. Dude I'm more than willing to bet if you had a conversation with her the two of you would would agree on a lot of stuff. But instead you just spent all this time shitting on her because she didn't specifically detail that the elites have always been doing this? Never mind the ease with which elites keep the slaves at each others throats, most of the time they'll happily just do it to themselves for the lolz.

    Maybe put a little effort into appropriate targeting of your understandable hate.

  4. In certain circumstances, it is a crime to vote i.e. When government is controlled by or in service to, foreign interests and/or in pursuit of foreign & criminal objectives & agendas at expense of & risk to American people: Honour The Constitution and EVICT TYRANNY FROM POWER.

  5. Looking forward to your revived Redacted Tonight on Mint Press. Hope they get their PayPal back from Scary Poppins. Hey, if everyone voted 3rd party how would they rig that? Why haven't the Sheeple given up on the disgusting Dems and the revolting Republicans.

  6. I like a lot of the people obsessed with the Great Reset, but it's frustrating how they totally dismiss the agency of the working class (as does Lee in this video). Even if there was some grand agreement by global capitalists to subvert nation states that doesn't mean they can do it, or that ordinary people will swallow it. They couldn't even get people to take vaccines or accept lockdowns and mandates without intense pushback that ultimately led to its collapse.

  7. With you literally being the last voice from the left that I listen to, I was worried this was going to be a video on how global Marxism was the answer to all the world's problems. Glad I didn't have to let you go.

  8. Geeez, I didn't see you on Rumble, It seems you are getting 3 times the views over there which is great news. Everybody needs to be seeking alternatives, Google is not our friend.

  9. Eleven hours ago! Cool! Have you heard of the North Korean Proverb “There’s no wish to the person who died after their stomach is full.”…. The same lady who escaped from North Korea who told Pat when interviewed on his VALUTAINMENT channel, that doctors in North Korea only make one dollar and then they die hungry in the streets…
    I searched North Korean Proverbs and couldn’t find it. I googled it word for word and THEIR OWN ROBOT says no such proverb exists!!!

  10. I’m still trying to collect money to help Chevron pay for their new signs that will be large enough to display their new gas prices! We need to sacrifice and support our financial overlords ya know!!! All billionaires need our financial support and loyalty!! I actually have to tell people it’s a joke!! They actually reach in their pockets to pay me!! That’s how NUTS they are!!! I just tell them it’s a joke and refuse their money…

  11. democracy is a big scam. Whoever you elected will never take orders from you (or those who voted for them.) They only take their orders from their political financial funders because without their funding, they will not be elected. Whoever gets elected also doesn't matter because they fund both candidates and whoever gets elected will still take orders from them. Secondly, whoever gets voted is only given a fixed amount of time (term) before the next election takes place and a chance that the elected will lose the next election and will lose power. So given the limited time, the elected politician will focus his energy on maximising his returns for himself. What can he do in the short time provided to fill up as many trunks/chests as possible? If he lose the next election, he will never get the power again to do that. Is the politician going to think about what he will do for the people instead? Will his policy really make a difference to the future of the country with the few years he has to work with? Don't be silly. The politicians spent a massive amount of money to get elected and he will find all the ways he can to maximise his returns and fill up those chest/vaults/swiss bank accounts. And of course, at the same time, he still has to follow the orders of his political financial backer. So, democracy is really a scam. An illusion created to give an impression that your vote really counts and it's by the people, for the people but in reality it's just a divisive drama and entertainment program to divide the people so that they will never stay united and see clearly what is really going on. It will also make people root for their own team and fight against the other team. friends against friends, family against family. Because if the people is united as one, the shit show will be over because the people will realise the real enemy is not the other team but those who created the show (the political funders and their elected puppets).

  12. „People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the publick, or in some contrivance to raise prices“

    -Adam Smith.

    It’s almost as if this dude was actually almost a radical, but was heavily taken out of context and reduced to a very few quotes so he could serve as idol of some cult.

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