The Truth About the War in Ukraine

*Recorded Live on the morning of 24th February 2022*

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Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@francisjfoster) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

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    It's not just Russia that's run by oligarchs it's the rest of the world as well, what do you think Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos or Mark Zucker are, do they ring a bell to anyone, then you have all the establishment families in the west that have a stranglehold on things also. AND it's the same in China and India and Pakistan there are families and institutions that control everything in these places as well, the only difference is that the people in those countries realize that they are under the boots of these SPECIAL PEOPLE, in the west people are too worried about their gender and what colour to dye their hair . IN the west right now people are more interested in making TikTok videos and moaning about Trump, and how best to enslave themselves to Vax passports and government regulations, to give a shit about what the bad man in Russia is doing. AND when OUR politicians decide to start getting more involved, so they can generate money for their friends in the ARMS businesses can get more money, so they can get more kickbacks it's all great for them, meanwhile, the people in Ukraine will suffer, just like in Syria, just like in China with the Uyghur Muslims, see how well the west has dealt with China on that , the west didn't protest to stop the Olympics there did it , it's the same with what's happening in Qatar, but FIFA is all for going there after all football is too important to care about the plebs/slaves building the stadiums. But drive your truck to your own countries capital, and you are EVIL according to the shill media.

  2. Francis seems like a guy who has never been punched in the face. Phrases like “be strong,” or “stand up for the west” is not something you just say. You then have to stand there in the cold with a rifle and try to shoot Russians who are firing tank shells at you. Just like if you apply those phrases to a bar fight, being strong and standing up for yourself means throwing a punch and accepting that the other guy might pull a knife and stab you.

  3. I didn't feel good at all when this happened, instead of sad. I'm home in China watching you talking with a VPN to bypass GFW. Why some of us worry about is what u sad in the interview that how Big Brother thinks about Putin, to copies the operation to Taiwan would become true, to destroy the only democratic state of all our Chinese if WEST do nothing to stop this. u r right, this is about all of us, not only people in Ukraine.

  4. What KK says about, ‘would you rather be run by imperialist America or the Russians and Chinese?’ Was put to a friend of mine who line many love to bash America line a fair deal of us and his response was well, ‘Trump was this and that.’ He completely did not understand at all was I meant. God help us!

  5. I hate all of this. Because, as an American, the only solution we have is to depose the current leadership to wrestle away the intentional clusterfuck the WEF is creating on…our planet? However, that’s not only exactly what Putin wants, but exactly what the Biden administration wants to see in terms of its crackdown on “domestic terrorism.” What in the literal fuck are we supposed to do? Putin is putting on a masterclass for both the neolibs and neocons both. These fucking people, man. But don’t worry, Germany is tracking Net Zero.

  6. Awesome eye-opener here – bravo to both Konstantin & Francis.
    As a Conservative Christian Libertarian fascinated by International relations, I am SO in support of Konstantins steely eyed realism – that he is informed of the forces at play and the balance of power.

    Im taking this all into consideration.
    At the same time Im aghast at the utter failure of our US Govt at most levels, to defend our Culture.
    Not only do they NOT defend, ironically, they wage attacks against our amazing Heritage derived from a Culture based on Natural & Biblical Judeo-Christian reasoning.

    Defending that was part of DJTs "Make America Great Again"
    Thank You again Gentlemen – please continue to provide highly informed commentary !

  7. I suggest everyone actually do the research on Bidens illegal meddling in Ukraine and what really played out after 2008 untill 2014 and forward to now. This is not war this is defense with strategic meassures taken like blowing up airports and removing a western dictator presedent not legally elected and who came to power in a coup from colorwarfare strategics. 40died? War? You kidding me 14000 died in eastern Ukraine 81% of them were the civilians in the Russian speaking areas from Ukranian shelling. Like covid the narrative here is being heavily utilized for distraction and benefits for a largely unpopular and tyrannical governments around the world. This has been planned for quite some time now with increased provocations as to provide the true warcriminals here some common enemy as covid demonstrations and rallying against their plans are growing around the world. Now Canada just coincedently just swooped in with permanent rights to seize assets of dissidents like China does making no headlines and you'll soon see more stuff like cryptoregulations being swepped under the rug too using this as an excuse. People are so naive these days…ffs

  8. So, I thank you for clarifying Putin's outward justification for invading Ukraine…but this is astoundingly costly and risky for a nation that does not have a ton of resources, and I am not confident that the US was planning a pre-emptive strike of any sort, even of the false-flag kind. So, what is the internal justification? What would compel Putin to take such a risk? I figured for years that this was about gas lines. What are your thoughts on that front? Do you really, truly think that there is nothing deeper to this than expansionism as the Russian raison d'etre?

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