The TRUTH about the ‘WEF Police Force’ by @Avi Yemini and @Sav Says

Is there a World Economic Forum police force and did they detain Jack Posobiec?
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  1. Was there a point to this video, beyond pointing out the obvious (that WEF pulls in additional law enforcement from other areas during the meeting to keep the VIP's safe)? LOL at the "This is great journalism."

  2. Well, whatever happens in the near and distant future with all that's going on, make sure Jesus is your savior. Trust with confidence and understanding that Jesus removed all of your sins when He died and rose. Simple! If you need teaching on the matter, the you tube channel….Faith Cometh by Hearing….has a fine series titled, 'change of mind', which is more that able to help out.

  3. Under what jurisdiction does this WEF police force have authority, and who gave it to them? Who is paying for this privatised police force and why does the WEF need a privatised police force?

  4. Somebody on a conservative talk show was bragging about they were protected by 6 foot 4 vikings at the WEF. I’m only 6 foot but I could give these poor soy filled beta cuck excuses swirlies all day long while down with the coof and hung over. Lol, the northern scucked’n’scavedians have lost touch with not only their vicking roots bur their roots 100 years ago. The occasional gym bro can’t save face for their entire region.

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