The Truth About Trump’s Comments On The Military Industrial Complex

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The Truth About Trump’s Comments On The Military Industrial Complex

In this video, we explain whether Donald Trump is really for or against the military industrial complex.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Gotta love capitalism… when greed is the goal, people like Biden who are willing to sell out for more of it, rise to this level of power. I still support capitalism, but god damn, regulate this sheit.

  2. what a load of bollocks that orange one is spuing… w. bush 0.2
    "we defeated isis 100%….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
    Libya, syria, iraq, afghanistan, all over europe and refugees by the millions…all thanks to the american "100% removing of ISIS"…..sadly though, the stupid will buy all this as they've been buying all that muzzled attitude and all the aspects associated with it all this year.

  3. I dumped you Luke a few months ago because you started sounding like a sounding board for the deep state or cabal or free masons or buil or,,,,, when you were scaring people and saying corona virus was real at the same time you took on a sponsor? Am I right??? I came back to see what was up with you. 'Bout time we shut the fear factory down Luke and admit we can choose which one of the two worlds we live in,,, fear or ,,, let's seeeeeeeeeeee, love maybe??????? A lot of hue-mans will not make it through this spiritual war that is happening now on this earthly plane. Some will be loved ones that are awake but are afraid to open their eyes and ears and others that are fragmented so bad they are souless. We have to leave the world of three Dimensions and stop switching back and forth, back and forth from the third and fifth dimensions. A world of do no harm is now on the horizon if we want it. go home and plant YOUR seeds Luke and take your shoes off and sit awhile and be in peace… Love you Bro!

  4. I think if you are honest you will admit the war that everyone’s talking about between the US and North Korea never happened. The war that they wanted between the US and Iran never happened even with false flags to draw us in, a bait Trump never took.he never went into Venezuela. I hope he finally will release Julian Assange but he hasn’t even pardoned General Flynn yet.

  5. Re 11:49 "almost?" Almost doesnt count. I kniw you're trying to sound fair and professional, but that didn't work. We can't hold the Pres Trump 100% on his 'promises' when you have a Congress & and some senators and RINOs working against those Proposals he's made.
    Your opinion that 'he's not come through' on his 'promises' did not fairly speak of his obstacles in those matters. Also, youvand I don't know what's going on in every single meeting he has with his administration's Secretaries and Ambassadors/Attachés.
    Maybe you can contact the Press Secretary's office and ask directly to them those questions.
    I'd venture to say that those matters are still in the works. So far he's gotten Serbia, Kosovo, UAE, Bahrain, & Israel together and that's a good start. So, looks like you're behind on the policies in middle east/western asia areas.

  6. I think maybe Trump wanted to get troops out of SA and elsewhere but the military powers showed him who the real boss is and there was nothing else he could do except make an enemy of them outright, so instead of doing that, he's trying to toe a line? dunno, not a Trump fan or anything

  7. So America has got rid of the organisation it made, trained, armed, funded, so what are they going to call them when they need a new enemy to attack America when they need a distraction. Julian Assange, Wikileaks, I love Wikileaks, was what Trump said a few years ago when he wanted support, but Trump says one thing and does another and doesn't care that there's proof of him saying it and he denies it, his word doesn't mean a thing nor does his signing documents as he will rip them up before you even leave his office, he's a man that if you caught him with his hand in your pocket he'd deny iti was his hand, how could anyone be foolish enough to trust him when he hasn't kept the promises he's made, promises that gave people hope, hope that someone was listening to them and was going to make changes, he deliberately lied, but that's what all Jesuits are trained to do, lie.

    I goT kicKeD-oRF TWiT for aRGuing his RELEASE!!…I hoPe & suGGesT his EXCeLLency DJT, PaRDoN JuLian AssanGe!
    ~and EDWaRd SNoWDeN…&&& many -MoRe I do-NoT ReCaLL the naMes…PATRIOTS of the WESTERN-FREEDOMS!