The Truth About Ukraine SLIPS OUT On CNN

CNN offers 24 hours of programming every day, but not a whole lot of uncomfortable truths, so it was noteworthy when CNN host Becky Anderson asked her guest, Iranian-American academic Mohammad Marandi, about increasingly close ties between Russia and Iran despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Marandi gave her a double-barreled blast of honesty in response. He explained that Iran has not actively supported Russia in the Ukraine War, but has its own interests that it will pursue and that the United States has plenty of blood on its hands as well.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the surprising revelation of actual truths on CNN and why such rare instances so important to highlight.

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  1. Midterms America.. "MAGA", don't forget 9/11 and 2000 Mules. Your Freedom is being Stolen !!

    Citizens of the world, Unit and Stand Up…The Great Reset is No Joke….

    Once you have been Bamboozled by or on Social Media and believe the narrative being sold, it

    becomes hard to digest the truth when it's being told. And so the fooled will remain Ignorant in life,

    Just like a Child.

    Organisations that create mass hysteria between the citizens of the world are the

    WEF, WTO, ESG, WHO, HRF, Blackrock, The Center for Biological Diversity, with their Puppets in the

    US, EU, UN, NATO and the fake MSM are pushing Climate Change propaganda, Pandemics used to

    advance a "Dystopian Future and More lock downs".

    Citizens, Liberal Globalism must be crushed…WEF/ESG = "You will own Nothing and be Happy".

    Remember, The Family, it's Religions and Cultures are the Foundation of Our Civilization.!!!

    The Biggest Enemy is "Ignorance" and the "Fake MSM Propaganda" is the new form of "Education".

    The Social media, Internet and fake MSM are working on Indoctrinating the citizens of the world.

    The fake MSM will not report the TRUTH, they are just puppets, taking orders from

    the Sick Puppet Masters in Blackrock (once Blackstone)….

    It's the mentality of the global elitist swamp mobsters to orchestrate Climate change, CRT, Cancel

    Culture propaganda in schools, tough by Woke Nazi Cult teachers, Wars, that don't need to happen.

    Wars are made to happen for reasons of Control, Power and Wealth. The Mob Created the

    global inflation and start shrinking the global supply chain to create global chaos and

    collapse country's to be compliant to the Elitist Liberal Globalists Rules… "Tyranny".

    The real war is against the citizens of the world, "Psychological Warfare".

    Don't be fooled…

    Who ever controls the MSM, will control the Narrative.

    Who ever controls the Food, will control the People.

    Who ever controls the Energy, will control continents.

    Who ever controls the Money, will control the World…

    This is the Satanic Minds behind world events…..

  2. Mohammad Marandi is an excellent political analyst who speaks the inconvenient truth and has lived through Amerikkkan and NATO imperialism and Zionism. He fought in the Iran-Iraq war that Amerikkka and it’s allies supported and supplied Saddam using chemical weapons on Iran.

    Marandi is a frequent guest on The Grayzone with Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal. Jimmy, you need to invite Marandi as a guest to give a perspective.

  3. As an Afghan-Iranian American, everything Mr. Marandi speaks about is the TRUTH! Finally, my fellow Americans are waking up and not allowing the propaganda to mislead them any longer.

  4. Mr. Marandi will never be inviting to CNN again. Glad he used this opportunity to shed light on the TRUTH and shame the corporate mainstream media.

  5. Marandi giving full interview on Iran deal etc. with Richard Medhurst, amazing information from a very smart and calm politician, a first! And of course from a non super power country 🙈🙊🙉

  6. I take issue with one main thing JD asserted, and that is that the biggest disseminators of lies and misinformation are the government and corporate media. The biggest liars on the planet are clergy and other purveyors of religious doctrine. There's no bigger lie than saying god exists and intervenes in our miserable lives. To quote the late, great George Carlin: "Religion is the greatest bullshit story ever told." Amen.

  7. it's kind of an unspoken blip on the radar but they raided and shut down all the 4chan stuff ~2012. "Qanon" is a werewolf red-herring. $0.50 Armies are literally the inception of what imageboards like 4chan often refused: "We are not your personal army" — 💡! ! ! there's a market for an online-personal-army!
    See how it goes? You create your own little anything and people see it as your own little power. That they can take away for themselves, somehow.

  8. Zbigniew Brezezink admitted in 2004 his plan to have Carter secretly arm the Afghan mujahideen before the Soviet invasion not after as is claimed. To give them a "Vietnam" and said he was proud of it.  Glossing over the one million Afghan civilians that were killed and millions of refugees. Article "The outrageous strategy to destroy Russia by Arthur Lepic"
    1990 end of the Cold War Bush, Kohl, Mitterand, Thatcher and James Baker make assurances NATO will not move east. 1991 NATO armies are in W. Germany 1,200 miles from Moscow and no NATO country is on Russia's border.  Add a Bill Clinton.  2022 Russia is surrounded by NATO countries 2 on its border, Washington tries to add the third, Ukraine with 600 plus miles of border with Russia, and then drive NATO armies in there 300 miles from Moscow. That's what they call Russian aggression.

  9. Shocking that Iran doesn't love the nation that has spent over 20 years occupying 2 of its neighbors, bombing their allies in Syria and Yemen, bending over backwards for the Israelis who hate them, and implementing decades of harsh sanctions. And oh yeah, the West also overthrew a democratically-elected government in Iran in order to install the Shah (who let the West take Iranian oil). The current islamist government came to power overthrowing the Western puppet dictator.

  10. Good find Jimmy D, one comment I disagree with, " that Oligarchs wont feel a thing" No thats why we have a slow start/burn ww3 coz the Oligarchs want to take down Russia and China who are threatening their way of life (G. SOROS comment at WEF) ie we will not be able to carry out our plunder and bloodshed if China an Russia are our leaders. I feel sorry for us westies as we are in for a shit ride. Hoping ww3 does not take off. But one thing is certain: Russia and eventually China will disengage from unfriendly western nations and allies. So start voting in someone who will engage with the new fair trade order (NFTO) to be built BRICS BY BRICS.

  11. Fucking CNN needs to get their shit together and they know it !!!
    If they don’t, they KNOW they will be flushed down the toilet soon

  12. You guys have bought Kremlin propaganda hard and that's a shame. Crack open a history book. Why do you think everyone in Eastern Europe was desperate to get into NATO after the end of the Cold War? They KNOW Russia very well and they knew it was only a matter of time before the next imperialist Russian leader would be marching across their borders. Don't be naive and buy Putin's nonsense. He knows damn well NATO poses no threat. But he also knows that once a country is part of NATO it is then off limits to his interference and encroachment. He invaded Ukraine, not because he felt threatened by NATO, but because Ukraine was moving toward the West and he had a limited window of opportunity to expand his borders at their expense.

  13. That so-called interviewer should be given a crash course in basic logic… You don't lambaste a country for committing a crime that your country has already 'repeatedly' committed, and for no good reason… They were basically plundering Middle Eastern oil. Putin had good reasons to preempt a massive attack by Ukraine across her boarders, supported by Western arms and ordinance. What do you think Russian intelligence was doing in Ukraine before the special operation, playing tiddlywinks and drinking vodka? I agree with Jimmy, this CNN media clown should be sent to sniff backpacks… with real chemical weapons grade Syrian on them… "Yes, this is definitely s… s…" CIA goon… "Propagandist down… I wonder how that happened."

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