The truth is coming out in Ukraine and Biden is in DEEP | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Newly-released tapes appear to show President Biden telling former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko to get rid of a prosecutor who may tip off President Elect Trump on things that Biden does not want him to look into. Is this the prosecutor that Trump referred to in the call he was impeached for? This is very fishy indeed. Where is the media on this one?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. US advocates for liberation WORLD from "colonizer-invaders" such fury, that first of all at UN-meeting the whole World SHOULD condemn US as "№ 1 colonizer", liberate America from Anglo-Saxon & give back all lands to Indians.

    US is world's biggest terrorist? Yes, From the very beginning of its existence, America has been engaged in terror and genocide of Indians, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, etc. America is a hypocritical and cynical 'killer-country', which at all times gave shelter to fugitive Nazis from all countries and nurtured Nazi saboteurs for "orange revolutions in the name of democracy" all over the world. Just from one word 'democracy' makes people sick.

    Many people have already understood that THIS IS A CHOKING IMPOSITION OF "WESTERN VALUES" – means dropped bombs on peaceful cities, devastation, banditry, corruption, drugs, violence and hunger,

  2. "He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is being interpreted, the Christ." John 1:41 KJV … The first thing Andrew did when He found out Jesus was the Christ was to go tell his brother. Andrew went and got Peter and brought him to Jesus. Andrew could have been scoffed at or rejected by Peter if Peter did not believe Jesus was the Christ; yet, Andrew took him to Jesus anyways, and I'm sure he was glad he did. You have Jesus, and you love Him. Have you tried to bring your family to Him? Knowing Jesus is the only way to eternal life, … Heavenly Father, give me strength and courage to introduce You to my family. They need You. I want to speak to them about You. Help me to tell them about You well. Help me to answer questions they have and to try to find them the answers I don't know. Soften their hearts. Only You can bring them to You, so please do so. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  3. They will only leak and publish what they want you to know, and they will present it in a way most advantageous to their agenda.
    You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand this.

  4. Come on Natali, you seriously thought what you read from Trump was an impeachable offense? This is what is wrong with this country! Reading comprehension! Or lack of….

  5. You know what's refreshing to hear? Someone in the news industry (Natali) who admits when they got something wrong. That instills trust in me and I have respect for that. Great show btw. I miss the podcast.

  6. Most Americans are not interested in the truth as they prefer to believe in the MSMs narrative of the US propaganda of lies that drive them emotionally excited and biased against Russia.

  7. I definitely feel that MSM duped me. Living overseas my only USA news source on TV was CNN. Before the 2016 elections I returned to the elections and saw how CNN duped me against Trump. I was very upset and my vote for Trump was a vote against CNN.

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