The TRUTH just leaked out in Ukraine and it’s worse than we thought | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The United States is going to start sending regular payments of $1.5 billion to Ukraine from now on. This indicates that Congress won’t pass any more large spending packages but instead will continue to fund the conflict in perpetuity. #ukraine

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Written by Redacted


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  1. The Lesson to be learned is the Democrats can't blame this on Trump or the Republicans as they have made bad choices and continue to make bad choices regardless of what anybody says !

  2. I think Governments around the world, are deliberately destroying their economies. Has to be. No one could do what they have done in recent years, if it weren’t deliberate. A storekeeper/ hotdog stand operator would not run their business this way. 🇳🇿NZ

  3. “Democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%” — Thomas Jefferson

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting that vote” — Benjamin Franklin

  4. How do you feel about the US Funding a Natzi Organization. Paying their monthly salaries, weapons +++. Why isn't the US Sholdier to Sholdier with Russia eradicating the left over WW2 threat?

  5. Ukraine is the most deeply corrupt country in the world. The Biden family could tell you an awful lot about this. Many, many oligarchs are profiting..And Ukraine is still going to lose very badly to Russia….Approved media is lying to you, and criminal corporations are profiting

  6. Wow people really don't understand basic economics. It's baffling to me how many would actually believe one Roosky is doing all this and not the steady printing of cash. The dumbing down of America is Mission Accomplished. It's putins price hike! how do you know this? Well CNN, and MSNC told me. Oh then it must be true.

  7. its a feedback loop of cash. they first destroy a county then pour billions to that county then back to themselves through all the banks they own. this has been happening for as long as they have been bombing and spreading democracy…everywhere but mostly black and brown counties.

  8. War World one and war world two both started in these same countries and now these Psychopaths are starting War World three. When our economy crashes, my Social Security check will stop and so will yours. Blame Biden for all of this PAIN!

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