The truth must out! 🤔

Now that Rishi Sunak has spilled the lock-down beans, there needs to be a full, no-holds barred investigation.





Image of Rishi Sunak – OGL v3.0

World Health Organisation Covid-19 guidance:

NHS information on COVID-19 vaccines:

Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. The New World Order was making its moves and like fools we fell for it lock stock and barrel and allowed them to inject our bodies with God knows what,and its only the start of what's coming.

  2. I remember Macron's threat very well, and Johnson caved, and has been doing so ever since, Johnson is a blancmange, strong leadership is needed more than ever now, will the real UK prime minister please stand up.

  3. Excellent speach.

    Yes the NWO Demanded all major governments & as many others as possible to act treacherously to each cripple their own countries to fill the bank accounts of the NWO WEF WHO NATO Dictators so that they can fund more WMD to murder as many more of the worlds populace as possible (accept of course for their preferred Nigerians).

  4. Was not Mr. Schwabs' plan… but then -the best laid plans of mice and men.
    Why do you think they all got into lockstep with the script-like actions…
    Never happened before in the history of the World. EVER!
    And they are walking away from their actions one by one… no repercussions.

  5. Not just EU, WEF, stop being so gullible. And why would anyone believe that Rishi said a word in those meetings? No evidence, doctored minutes, can say what he likes after the fact.
    Do you really believe that the entire West was simply incompetent?

  6. So this is now an official conspiracy theory channel. After shilling for Brexwittery, Johnson and Frost with their amazing deal, Putin, the Tories and a bunch of other lost causes, Ol' Fester Lester is now going for the thinly-veiled anti semitism crowd.

  7. So what is really going on here? Are our "leaders" really that stupid? Mark Zuckerberg has admitted Facebook suppressed Hunter Biden's laptop story. I get the feeling they are trying to back track and drop little bits of truth in order to soften the blow and make themselves look like they were really on our side all along. What they have done is treasonous. They have politicised the police (the only thing they don't police is crime), they have been stripping us of our rights. They're evil and they see their day is coming, so they're pretending to be the good guy. Look at George W Bush. He's now being treated like a friendly old uncle. Even Blair is dissing woke culture. They're starting to fear the repercussions. Which makes me think we're going to hit a recession bigger than we've ever had and they have been preparing us all for it with lock downs and bullying us all into submission. I don't want to be a doomsayer, but I think we're about to hit some tough times that we've never seen before.

  8. Come on Jeff, you KNOW that there will never be a proper enquiry into COVID. There will be legal huffing and puffing for a few years and then the conclusion of the enquiry will be they were acting on the best available information and should have shut down earlier and for longer. No one to blame. Nothing to see here. Move on.

  9. We are suppose to live in a free society and should have freedom of choice, and that means free to walk around, free to go work an d free to amuse ourselves by walking in parks. This lockdown was unlawful and as for the jab, our law is based on do no harm. Lock mall of them up.

  10. Nice try Sunak, but this revelation is something that most right minded people knew already… thanks but no thanks we still do not want you as our PM…..ever!

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