The ‘Twitter Files’ : FBI Paid Platform $3M to Censor Information, Influence the 2020 Election

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The latest installment from Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” reveals new information confirming that the FBI not only pressured the social media site to suppress reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop, but that it also paid Twitter employees millions of dollars to do so.
Twitter’s new CEO confirmed a 2021 document that shows Twitter staffers were compensated by the FBI with more than $3 million to help with so-called “law-enforcement related projects”.
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  1. The FBI demonstrated its disregard for the constitution and the rule of law, during the Civil rights movement and subsequent black liberation movements. Now that the FBI's corruption is directed at all Americans, people are shocked and appalled. America has had decades of opportunities to address a fix, the corruption within the FBI and other corrupt federal agencies. This is what it looks like, when the chickens come home to roost. It's only going to get much worse. God save our republic.

  2. If you talk to people who are in the Jan 6th confirmation bias bubble… they are totally unaware of any of this. It is waaay beyond the scope of them just not being curious – The corporate leftys that just follow CNN / Colbert are basically suffering battered wife syndrome. Literally anything outside of their bubble is some kind of attack on them or some kind of conspiracy.

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  4. How do the conspiracy theorists discredit an agency that has had no credibility since the McCarthy era to begin with? Shoot, since 9/11 law enforcement in general have been losing credibility at a rather steady rate but by far the FBI has lost it much faster. Ruby Ridge, WACO, Bundy Ranch to name a few incidents have destroyed the credibility of the FBI so badly that IMHO there was nothing left to damage by the time the twitter files got to them anyway.

  5. Yes the FBI job is to work with companies and the American citizens to catch domestic criminals. It is literally their job. Yes the FBI does train some great people. Some of the best cyber experts in America come from there after they were trained at Harvard, MIT and other highly ranked institutions first of course. It’s called building a resume. Oh and yes most rational people and the FBI can prove the lies about the election fraud and Covid that were posted on twitter. You need to ask yourself why doesn’t the twitter files give the tweets that were taken down? Would we realize they were lies and needed taken down? #Ridiculous

  6. I have a question, what wrong with USA ppl? Here on my country we would have a a big party at the gov institutions with barbecue tools to ask every one on the gov to join us a very civil discussion on why they should have to eat the sausage whole cuz the party is so freaking good, and if they dont want to join us we would go to deliver a very personal invitation to them. And give them hugs and very kind reason why shouldn’t they miss this party and walk them all they way to the grill so they can eat their special sausage. Of course we would throw such party for much less. so, that’s why I get confused with usa ppl ?

  7. Love this!
    But it’s not what they are “trying” to do…. They are “doing it”….. I can’t see we stand a chance. The last elections appear to support this…. Hope I’m wrong ….

  8. Merry Christmas chris! Definitely one of my favourite videos you’ve put out. Thanks for the giggle. The left have perfected gaslighting. They aren’t even trying to hide their lies any more. They know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying… and the gong show goes round and round.

  9. There is zero balance in our society, so to see the unbalanced communication form displayed:😂🤣 well it's about TIME.

    Now that the diaper has been addressed, let's change that nappy crappy thing!
    We will 'misinformation' their corruption right into each prison cell they'll share with every other citizen thinking criminal conduct is permitted!

  10. If the response wasn't so childish and extreme it might have worked.. but.. any parent who has had the distinct pleasure of raising similarly aged children saw the cancel culture and made up antics of masking and shelter in place for the bullshit it was..

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