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Written by Mr Reagan


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  1. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 was intended to protect Internet Service Providers from being sued for content put up by their customers. The fear at the time was not misinformation but porn. Companies like Twitter are not the same as AOL and Compuserve. AOL and Compuserve provided customers with Internet access in addition to simple communication apps. Twitter, on the other hand, does not function as anyone’s Internet Service Provider, and never has.

  2. "…is this Russia" at the 25:50 min. mark, I detected an internal reflection on the relationship with your "wife" – when are you going to reveal what many of us wondering about ¿`_

  3. It's so much worse than just systematic censorship of conservatives by big tech, because it's progressed to the point of actually normalizing the demonization and targeting of 'conservatives', 'patriots', and/or 'Trump supporters' throughout society.
    Big Tech, media, and establishment talking heads have curated a cultural monster, now; that is, openly discriminating against citizens who hold different beliefs and opinions to the mainstream worldview, so much so that the public now believes it is, more than socially acceptable, but, expected of them – a moral duty – to likewise do the same.
    Think of all the watchdog groups, flaggers, fact-checkers, and activists who've made it their mission to hunt down each new flavour of 'extremist', just to report them to the 'authorities' for censorship, or worse.
    Think of 2021-2022 and how the language changed so drastically as to suggest that certain individuals who made a choice not to get injected with an experimental treatment were now *dangerous* to public health. A "fringe minority" of selfish, misogynist, racists who were 'terrorizing' communities…and essentially killing everyone's grandmother.
    This should be undeniable proof that EVERYONE knew the systematic targeting and censoring of 'right-wingers' was happening; whether it was publicly admitted or not, as many of our fellow citizens have partaken in it, in some manner, one way or the other.
    It's the Thought Police…. it's totalitarianism disguised as 'public safety' …. it's governments and other influential/powerful entities working towards a system that makes it socially acceptable to openly discriminate against a people-group; which has the potential to turn into violence.
    To think this is all an effort to suppress truth is foolish. There's much bigger stakes at play, here.

  4. I got suspended for similar BS for a week…twitter has not changed at all imo. and there is tons of gross kink sex acts on there…what a joke twitter is

  5. Talk about shadow banning: I got a notification for this video yesterday, morning, but I couldn't FIND the video when I tried to watch a couple hours later. 22 hours later, it appeared on your YouTube channel for me…a day later. Feels like Al Gore Rhythm manipulation to me!

  6. We can only block with the House. We cannot prosecute anyone with AG Garland leading the DOJ. We do have one ultimate power in the House… the purse. Yes, bring all these people in for lying to Congress but WE HAVE TO DEFUND THE FBI, ATF, and IRS for starters! And rebuild from new.

  7. You forget….Biden was Vice President! All of the rumors of the Trump organization involvement is BS on first look! Ya think they would ban Trump if that was so? Also JAMES BAKER was the main FBI Russia Hoax on the Muller team! Big Tech and Washington is Drowning in lefty deep state scumbags !

  8. Reagan’s extension of grace if they fix their platform is the problem. Republicans don’t care about justice. They don’t care about making things right…they only care about going along to get along. These people are no less scum than are the democrats.

  9. I'm in 2 days for fb comment i made on Babylon Bee Griner post have 37 hours left. I actually had listened to Armstrong Williams he had attended the WC in Dubai. He told that he had spoke to 5 russians and they didn't even know who Brittany was at all. So he said we should consider that she might not have known about Paul, like she would have turned it down, lol any way i said i guess we will have to see how she acts when she's in position to be not America 🇺🇸 hating.

  10. Social media is a input/output machine, 230 protects the machine for being a machine, a machine should not have the ability too censor or make judgements about what comes in or goes out, law enforcement is the only entity charged with law enforcement, if the citizen spots a crime, the Citizen has the responsibility to report it to law enforcement, not the machine! Remove 230 protection!

  11. A very important part of Jim Baker's background that I believe you missed: he was the contact that Michael Sussman (sp) gave the Trump dossier to.

    Miranda Devine mentions it in the clip you included, but it could be easily missed.

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