The Twitter Mob LOST IT After Macy Gray Shut Down Their B.S!


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  1. It is better that the government fears the people than the people fear the government!
    (Thomas Jefferson)

  2. We need to stop using the term gender improperly, it implies masculine or feminine, as in items, traits, or words. It does not apply to people or sex.

  3. The left as continued to go further and further left, from Looney to seriously mentally deranged, and once again anyone who doesn't agree with them no matter on how far left they once were, are now considered far right, for questioning and not agreeing with stupidity.

  4. Even though those on the radical left say things that don't make much sense and act in ways draw negative attention, I think deep down most of them know what's right at the end of the day. But since they have been spoiled and never had discipline enforced, they seek attention. Generally by playing the victim and accusing everyone else of the faults they are guilty of displaying. Being judgemental of people without knowing them is a good example. They seek sympathy for being offended but if they infringe their lifestyle on the rest of us and we even think of the word offended then we're bigots who should offer them everything we own and continue to pay for the rest of our lives. But like I said, I think they know better, it's just that acting out because of entitlement and the need to be special is what their used to.

  5. Honestly, I've got no problem being called transphobic. Accept the terminology applied to you so that the debate isn't derailed.

    "You're a transphobe!"

    "I am, now back on the subject of hormone blockers in kids…"

  6. Its been my experience that most trans…at least mtf…simply suffer from "grass is greener" syndrome. They aren't happy and figure that swapping genders will fix their lack of self esteem. But this act does not replace the life experience of being born a girl, growing up as a girl, and maturing to adulthood as a woman, no matter how much you want it too. Its only natural to see biological women pushing back and wanting to restore what it means to actually be a female. She's absolutely right…a woman is not just a pair of boobs and a dress. You can simulate what a woman looks like but if you weren't born one, you'll never really be one…sorry.

  7. You can take the male parts out of the transgender woman but you never take the male mind out of the transgender woman!

  8. It's not "assigned at birth", it's determined by x and y chromosomes of the sperm that fertilizises the egg. I'm pretty sure this is 5th grade health class stuff. I hate modern society

  9. See, the alarm bells went off when they said they support trans rights, which I do as well, BUT the problem came in when they said "and to have others abide by that internal identity". STOP RIGHT THERE as that is 100% authoritarianism. The moment you expect others to abide (key word is abide which means act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation)) then you lost any true independence minded person. You don't have the right to tell anyone how to think, or act. You do you and live your life and if someone doesn't accept you AT ALL FOR WHATEVER reason then move on. This is why they are losing the culture war because you only make people fighting mad to the point of total rejection when you try and force anything.

  10. Being a little girl is a whole epic book is one of the easiest ways to describe the difference. Amazing such a simple comment is like that of a poet king from a long lost age of educated men

  11. You said Bette Midler doesn't know what side she's on or something to that effect.
    I say "therein lies the problem" who are you to say we should choose sides!?
    Maybe she's just commenting on something that got under her skin as I am now.

  12. Bro, not sure if you know this. She backtracked on EVERYTHING she said. Said it was taken out of context and she can't speak to another woman's journey and maybe some of those journeys start differently.

  13. Transgender. Is it just me or is it only me…, … boys that want their junk removed? Are women having used junk sewn on? How come we don't hear about that? LMAO 🤣 🤣 🤣 sounds like a trade off.

  14. The leftist (the further left the worse it gets) believes being able to defend and justify your position is flat out wrong. This is precisely what you must do to participate in the discussion in the public square of opinion and debate. Refusing to do so, and running to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever platform you are on, and crying for those who disagree with you to be banned, is a sure sign of a toxic individual who is in serious need of counseling. The leader of this pack of wolves is the one I call Any Opportunity for a Casualty.

  15. Hollywood celebrities voice their political opinions by the wet finger method. One holds a wet finger high in the air to gage/read the surrounding situation.
    Bette Midler used this method. She released a statement that felt honest and based on logic instead of undefinable reasons. Her comment timing is spot on …..because…….
    *The tides have turned in resent weeks. Walsh and others have successfully push back the activist propaganda on defining WOMAN.

  16. 80% (give or take) of those who are complaining about women's rights being taken away couldn't even define what a woman is AND they defend men who pretend to be women competing in women's sports!

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