The Two Faces of Fauxci – A Rant

Fauci had a bit of a week.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I think Rand Paul deserves that chair spin flipping off the world more than Trump does to be honest, but this shit show has and continues to be a wild ride.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that the Democrats and media consistently wanted to prove that Trump was a liar, by consistently propping up some pathological liar, eg. Fauci, Mueller, Comey, Vindmin.

  3. 0:58 – "Hey, I hear Judge Dredd has an open calendar."
    You joke, but I would welcome out new justice lawbringing overlord with open arms… He would actually enforce the law. At muzzle velocity. And wouldn't you happen to know that Washington D.C. is full of lawbreakers… [sigh] Judge Dredd, why do you have to remain fictional?

  4. @3:10
    So I do not like this DR as much as you or the next guy, but the treatment and medical knowledge back then for AIDS was completely primitive when you compare it to today's standards. BUT then again if he already knew that it only spreads through fluids through sexual activities and through blood to blood contact (used needles and contaminated blood) AND THEN HE SAID THAT, then how the hell was he able to keep his job?

  5. Razor,
    I'm an Amazon employee (in the U.S.) that started my employment during the pandemic. One policy that they have recently implemented is to no longer require masks be worn by fully vaccinated employees. The implementation is herd logic of singling out the ones that are a "threat" and letting coworkers enforce policies via peer pressure. This, to me, is a face-worn Jacob's Star. It has reminded of the Jordan Peterson statement that 'you would have a Nazi in WWII Germany.'
    As with every single other policy I'm sure to see backpeddling and changes galore.

    When asked if I'm getting my second dose (implying I'm getting it at all – which won't happen for a while). I recommend they look up Thalidomide, Bextra, and Vioxx (Rofecoxib). These aren't exclusively bygone era flukes but rather the calculated choice by pharmaceutical companies to push out a bad product knowing that out of court settlements are still going to turn a hefty profit. Do you really expect that this administration's "Greater Good" mentality wouldn't include throwing an untold number of peasants under the bus with unknown and long-term side-effects?

    Fruit for thought. Apologies if this was long-winded.

  6. They've used this virus from the very beginning as a way to attack Trump in order to get him out of office… Fauci's flip-flopping which indefinitely extended the pandemic, Almost 90% negative coverage from the TV media on both Trump and the virus, 3 manufacturers announcing just a week after the US election they had 'working' vaccines, that Time Magazine article which exposed the coordination between activist groups and corporations against Trump, now that the election and pandemic are done both Fauci and Gates have outlived their usefulness so they're being gutted now

  7. I really don't know why Fraudci isn't at the very least being investigated relentlessly over this farce. These government stooges are making committees for the Jan 6th insurrection, yet won't look into this man's chronic inconsistencies, or go after the folks who turned a whole section of an American City into a freakin' communist hellscape?