The U.K. Is Dragging The U.S. Into WWIII In Ukraine

The U.K. has for many decades been the United States’ junior partner in pushing for an aggressive and imperialist foreign policy, but in the Ukraine war it may be the U.K. that’s pushing the U.S. to adopt a more aggressive stance in confronting Russia, potentially leading to a nuclear confrontation between the two great powers.

Jimmy and journalist Michael Tracey discuss the latter’s recent Substack piece about how even members of the allegedly anti-war left in the U.K. have adopted a belligerent stance against Russia.

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  1. I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown

    is called deceit !

    I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my

    Feet !

    I rob you, and I slaughter you….your

    downfall is my gain…and still you play the

    sycophant and revel in my name !

    All my promises are lies and all my love is

    Hate !!!


    FATE !

  2. Raytheon’s CEO said last week that weapons they’re sending to Ukraine are stockpile, which mean’s they’ll have to produce more, since the war will probably last another 20 years, that it’s looking pretty good for Raytheon. I think these warmongers play way too many destructive video games/simulations. It’s all so heartbreaking.

  3. Majority of people in the UK don't want to get involved. Boris Johnson is so hated that he is desperately trying to cling on to being prime minister and most people want Rishi Sunak and all his corrupt colleagues to be sacked. So he is doing whatever he feels like and doesn't care about public opinion and is tone deaf to how hated he truly is. He is trying to look as if he is some Hero to try to deviate from Partygate but most people don't want to get involved in a war that has been actually going on for 8 years. Instead of fighting against the Nazis we are actually bizarrely backing and arming them because Ukraine has really shifted its narrative in the past 10 years and Azov and these far right groups wield a hell of alot more power than is being reported.

  4. It's like the Biden Administration has hired Ukraine as mercenaries to fight Russia…in their own country…with our weapons… But Damn, The Profits!$!$!$ How many Senators own stock in those defense companies?
    Do these people even know where The Black Sea is? Once you're in there, you're IN THERE if someone seals off The Bosphorus Strait. Ever heard of Gallipoli? Ask the Brits about THAT one.
    Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia all have to remain neutral, a buffer between NATO and Russia. It's called a map.
    But it's almost the weekend and my coffee is ready!!! LOL

    Godspeed everyone.

  5. The clique is pushing the Overton window into making a potential global holocaust a subject to be debated like taxes. Ask the ghost of Neville Chamberlain who were the driving force behind pushing Britain into War. When you have the GMO Left/Right on multiple contents parroting the same thing, know that the Chamberlain Factor is leading all parties.

  6. Remember the British Mi5 agents who were caught dressed in Islamic garb driving around Iraqi neighborhoods, massacring civilians trying to get sunni/shia to kill each other in sectarian conflict? and when they were captured and photographed Tony Blair and the British government begged the US to free them from the iraqi prison they were being held in and a US military unit crashed an M1 Abrams tank through the prison wall to free them? pepperidge farm remembers……

  7. i wish europ and America will go on a full scale war with russia, Europe and America needs to be Nuked for the world to have peace

    America start war please 🙏 am begging

  8. Which city do you all think will have the FF event? I'm thinking west coast, but then it has to be a city everyone in the U.S. cares about, so I'm thinking it's Dallas.

    Sorry Dallas.

  9. The whole question is, who in this situation is Hitler? :). The USA and Britain are a collective Hitler :). The stakes are really high. After the defeat of Germany by the USSR (with the help of allies who sided with the USSR only when the victory became obvious), the neoliberals imperceptibly raised neo-Nazis around the world. Middle East, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

  10. What if ALL parties to the goings-on in UKane were working together to capitalize on RAW? Is that sort of thing/premise outside the possible? In the world of The Iron Heel, by Jack London, that premise is basis for the story. Is might right?

    Tell me, what do oligarchs have in common?

    Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows – main theme

  11. How can people have lived through the Iraq war lie and then so obediently consume uncritically the tidal wave of one sided propaganda by the media??? I've just lost hope in change ever happening.

  12. That clown is a mere puppet collecting Taxes and only voted in because the other party was unbelievably worse" he doesn't represent opinions on war and handouts of the majority of the UK.. and will be booted out if he carries on" dry joke in there bonus.. he is of the Globalist pack, but his replacement won't be a Globalist" UK is now a sovereign nation again… Boris is a Salesman not a Leader

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