The Ugly Truth About What NY Is Like Now (Pt. 1) | Jedediah Bila | MEDIA | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Valuetainment’s Jedediah Bila about leaving NYC for Florida; why she’ll never live in a blue state again, and how New York went from being a haven of freedom and dissent to a place of conformity and groupthink. In this clip Jedediah talks about the reality of moving out of NYC and what it’s like to be a part of the blue state exodus. She shares how maddening the COVID restrictions were and how moving to a red state has completely changed her life. She also discusses how rising NY crime and conformity are why more people are moving to Florida.

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  1. I'm from NJ. born and raised. Most of the people in my area are New Yorkers escaping the crime. The issue is they bring the political views they were trying to escape in the first place. I lived 57 years and would hardly here someone honk their horn. Today it sounds like midtown Manhattan.

  2. I have strong NYC roots, live just outside the city currently. I was in the city yesterday, and I felt this. For the first time the city felt alien to me. There were piles of garbage, terrible odors, graffiti, frightened looking people. No vibrancy, no optimism. Dystopian is exactly the correct word. I couldn't wait to leave.

  3. It's not just NYC. The zombie land army is huge. These are the same clowns that watch CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the dumbocratic propaganda arm. Even Fox news is on board with this foolishness to a degree.

  4. I too was B&R in NY. The City Bila talks about died years ago. Most NYers have relocated due to financial strains and crime, there are very few neighborhoods any more and those that exist only do so in the outer boroughs.

  5. Really really sad to hear that the AMAZING New York Energy has been messed with. People were (mostly) SO "REAL" there. Like 100% more expressive, open, approachable, intense, forthright, spontaneous, generous and authentic than they are in many places, like here in Canada cities and the West Coast. It was SO refreshing to be in New York!!

  6. "People who believe in freedom". Let me educate you. Liberty is NOT libertinism. Liberty in the Constitutional sense is LIBERTY from a KING, that is, freedom FROM a TOP-DOWN authoritarianism. This is WHY America has THREE branches of Government, meant to QUASH everything that LOOKS LIKE BEING RULED BY A KING. There are more than 300,000,000 people living in America. Should ONE HUMAN KING rule us all by their rhetoric and power? Only those WITHOUT wisdom would agree (and most of them ARE WOMEN sad to say, but it's NOT unexpected to those that are paying attention) Thank you EVE, you continue to be deceived with promises from a snake of being like God, to your own destruction.

  7. I loved CA for the several years that I lived there, but that was long ago. Your guest says she doesn't know why anyone would live there. Well, for MANY, many years, CA was stunningly beautiful and offered more freedom than almost anywhere.

  8. A friend remarked she did not like DeSantis because ‘he let’s everyone do whatever they want’…ummm…ok democrat friend…it’s called freedom. How do people in their 60’s not see what is happening?

  9. Her portrayal is odd. I've been here since 2001. It's not dystopian but it's gotten unaffordable to live here and the shopping here is less interesting. Mall stores keep moving in. NYC has lost some of its uniqueness but it's been like that since well before the pandemic.

  10. Agreed! I’ve lived in Philadelphia the last 55 years- the past few years it’s become very heavy on my energy! I get a much lighter feel when I drive into our more blue suburbs! You can actually SEE the difference…no trash all over, no addicts asking for something on every corner, no homeless laying all over, ect. …. I’m ready for a blue state! I’m praying we vote it in this fall!

  11. Trump…. They were united by their hatred for him, it humanized the government n made ppl think they wanted to help the ppl, they wanted the same things, by using all those slurs they convinced wide swaths of ppl that its wasn't about power

  12. The movie “Idiocracy” proposes the type of society we are fast becoming. I would love to see a sequel to it for the years after the society learned that you cant grow food with gatorade!

  13. Jedediah is such a rabid Anti-Trumper and pushed the anybody but Trump messaging. Look at the result: Dystopia!! You get what you voted for. She cared more about mean tweets and willingly sacrificed prosperity and freedom for no more mean tweets. Hypocrite!!!

  14. Growing up, we always thought New Yorkers were tough and very independent minded group of people. During covid I learned that New Yorkers were weak and compliant.

  15. Dave, so you say, "I'm staying in Florida, I'm going to be buried in Florida…". We'll wait and see. The Cali, NY, etc. influx to neighboring TN & NC have already started changin' those places. They move here but still want what they had. There's more of them than there are of us. The change is inevitable, and it ain't rosey.

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