The Ukraine Proxy War is Killing the Climate – Mick Wallace and Claire Daly

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European Parliament members Mick Wallace and Claire Daly join the Useful Idiots to explain how the Ukraine proxy war is making global warming worse:

“The right thing is the cheapest thing to do in the long term, but they’re too g**d*** stupid. Europe is on the verge of a real catastrophe.”

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  1. It's all just so tragic. I'm beyond angry that old white men are playing war games without a shred of concern for the costs to the rest of us. We really need to rise up and overthrow them.

  2. Maybe look to countries that doesn't dig for coal. Those countries could be models for how to go green. Within industry factories there's a will and action to go green because it's important. Some countries are banning fossil jet fuel and have mandated domestic airlines to go green on jet fuel. It's possible to do sustainable green implementations if there's enough policies to enforce it.

  3. You can tell the bearded lady is correct because he swears when discribing those he disagrees with. I mean sure he didnt offer any soulutions or arguments in favor of his side, but hes very adamant the climates bad. .

  4. LOL "climate change" Sorry children but you've been lied to and manipulated. Aren't we supposed to have lost Florida like 10 years ago? I mean the same crowd that brought you that Phizer lyfe, and these late republic oil wars – are the one's telling you Greta is the prophet.

  5. Europe doesn’t care about any negative effects on climate affecting others immediately "downwind" from themselves
    (like: coal burning emissions)

    only if climate upwind from themselves impact them, only then, do they "care" who is contributing to it at their expense locally in Europe

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