The Ukrainian army has been bled to death

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Audio recorded 2/9/2023.

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  1. “We need to ban all balloons made in China. And all their plastic toys that are spying on us. And invest billions of dollars in American defence systems to make our own party balloons at 50 thousand times the price of Chinese ones”.

  2. "perhaps we should tell the general public that these Chinese ballon’s are filled with carbon dioxide and that the Chinese are trying to blame excessive carbon dioxide – released every time we pop their gallons – on America”.

    Who knows what other “nut job” idea will come out from our political elite and the media that propagates their lies.

    Clearly, these “unidentified” alien flying cylinders with no balloons attached are carrying chemical weapons of some sort or other. Look at what they are doing to the water in Ohio.

    Yes, we are all deeply ensconced in the plot of the film “Dr Strangelove”. Either that, or it is Orson Welles week at the CIA movie club. It was Jules Verne’s First Man in the Moon last week.

  3. A new video on You Tube titled ——–the most insane war——is a video clarifying that we have a White Race Civil War going on since 1914 and it is still going on.
    A must see video. This insane war must stop.

  4. The Democrats –

    “We cannot have these Chines balloons crossing our skies. We need to defend our borders and our sovereignty”.

    ha,ha,HA,HA,HA……. good one! For a moment there, I thought you were being serious.

  5. Colonel MacGregor.just wondering why u downgrade certain key elements.anyways the way u talk who u tryn to convince.i no u been playing in the mud. I think you sold trump out to the swamp, I think you're a political officer now..dont no ure service backgrnd but my guess u sound like a yes man. Generals aide maybe. …we both know the war is coming…the us has to prepare…stop Trying to scare us about Chinese infiltration from Mexican border.yea..well they will want to stay free.. Most Asians love America Most Asians love America Or at least did before all this woke s***. Paper Tigers go up in flames fast.we just need to disrupt food product…just ask a frenchman .china already strains to feed their phlebs

  6. The balloon thing, is a psyop, by the U S c.i.a. etc. next thing you know, there will be a nationwide electrical blackout, blamed on china, while the culprit is the U S government, when the dust clears there will be no record of any currency in our accounts.

  7. "no small talk, straight to the point" …..that's how I like my news….and my women!

    Had a little scroll down and I see quite a few baseless brain dead comments. I suspect many are written by the paid troll brigade, here to try and assassinate the Colonel. Which can only mean he's doing a good job and drawn significant attention to his excellent insight. I for one am listening intently, learning and grateful for your commentary Colonel.

  8. Nice again to hear some people who are both able to ask some qualified questions and COL. Douglas Macgregor, who dares to say what is finally fact or Misleading

    Keep GOING ON

    Huge Redpekt from

  9. Haha "magnanimous engine of prosperity" what a load of crap. Where do you Americans get that nonsense from ?? ONLY right-wing market religious dimwits have had that ridiculous thought, and they have all been propagandized by the same intellectual POS you have for a society over there. Everyone else knows how your shit country stole all their wealth from poor people around the world. TOO MUCH AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM HERE. US sucks, and have always sucked. Get over it.

  10. Oh, and what the fuck do an American know about Stalin ? Jeebus man, are you not aware of how much bullshit Americans have been propagandized with in all their lives ?? You have learned that Russia isn't so bad. Now move on and forget the propaganda bullshit you learned about USSR and China. Come on Douglas, you can do it !!

  11. Thank you Colonel. GREAT interview. The point came across very clear. Im wondering your thoughts on Kevin Mcarthy . a conversation between the two of you would be interesting, as would Jordan Peterson . I would love to hear You and Trump talk too. great bit on OAN last night.Keep up the good work Sir, its going to make a difference Im sure.

  12. 21:18 While Russians have made it clear they won't go nuclear unless attacked with nukes, they're also saying they will consider use of depleted uranium artillery rounds in Ukraine the equivalent of detonating a dirty bomb. The Abrams tanks to be shipped there are reportedly being stripped on DU armor plating, but no definite word on whether they'll carry DU rounds.

  13. The wakeup call ⚖⌚Mr Sergey Lavrov: Russia: the UN is a concept by which we measure our pain, wars since 1948 & refugees Israel Palestine/ India Pakistan./ Today Ukraine -THE AGENDA begun long ago before 1913 however you can get a consensus & understanding remember The UN is the place where some are more equal than others, something familiar on Orwell's novel Animal Farm, whatever reason it was expected same as Israel expansion & De Gaulle 1967/ Sometimes things are let to happen for different reasons however today is 2023 and some of those reasons since 1890/// 1913 are no longer valid. How can you 🤔 the others achieve vision is the challenge for Europe since all is related to Europe 1776. 😥🥨🎨🥠🍷

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