The UN Comes Out In Support Of ANTIFA??! No Surprise Here

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  1. antifa is not authoritarian at all. the modern antifa movement has absolutely nothing to do with the communist party in the weimar republic and that party was not authoritarian, unless you are inclined to believe the anti-bolschewist nazi propaganda

  2. Funny how antifa are funded by George Soros. The same man whom said the best time of his life was stealing other Jews property and sending them to death in concentration camps during WWII with his Nazi family friend that was paid to say he was Christian.

  3. Of course the United Nuisances support communist terrorists. Anything that will push western society closer to communism must be supported by the Illuminati.

  4. It's been past time to withdraw from the UN it failed like the league of nation's failed. Let's just be done with it without us you think Russia or China really gives a crap about it.

  5. The UN, the ones in cahoots with Soros, and NATO, all wanting to globally take over with the Marxist Far-Left. Who would of thought? The very same entity, that was formed to STOP racist communist countries who want to try and take over the world and murder millions upon millions of people, to stop future world wars, would now promote, push, and praise the very same evil that nearly destroyed the world.

    Tell me again, how Soros has nothing to do with this Tim, like actually do research without your bias, look up all the corporations tied to Soros, the UN, hell our Government, or the story of the hackers who exposed Soros with his own EMAILS! to his own so called "morally good" companies within this country. Soros literally helped Nazis find and murder many many people because he looked up to them, NOT to avoid being a victim himself.

    You can attack us right wingers, conservatives, Tim, all day and night, about you hate for "Conspiracy Theories" (Even though Soros connections are fact) but at least WE do real legit journalism ourselves, we think for ourselves, and we do not deny things because it might be a "Conspiracy Theory" while not understanding what that term even truly, word for word, means. We tend to do the real research, pay attention, look around us, see our world, see how patterns keep occuring with the same players over and over again. We got documents, we got facts, we got proof, we got proof from thier own mouths, books, documents. List goes on Tim.

    Soros is funding these things, just because your a blind fool, does not make that fact less of a reality, it just makes you look less informed that's all.

    This is a pretty big smoking gun showing this entire thing going on in America for the past decade or so, was all a world wide plan by the very entities that swore to stop Nazi's and Communism.

    We have come full circle, time to wake up.