The UN takeover of Australia exposed

Brian Shaw’s expose’ titled “The UN Trap” is essential viewing when trying to understand – How did we get to this point?

Rights, Laws, Perspective.

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  1. Brian. You have given a reasonable coverage of events leading to where we are today but there are so many gaps in your worldview of religion and it's influence on humanity and the ways man's laws have been introduced to pervert the truth that the emphasis on the 'god's side' rings just so hollow. I am not knocking the reasons for doing this presentation as there are changes needed, but those changes must also apply to how religionism and scientism have perverted the truth. Your comment on Islam is incorrect because it is a Christian entity as well, just as is modern Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church are as misguided in the beginnings of their cosmology. Yes there are many facets of our societies that are in desperate need of review and change, but focusing on the 'righteousness' of our religions is not the way to go. For many of these modern churches the God they worship is not the God of The Christ (Christna) as was the case thousands of years before Jesus but that of Lucifer, the Light Bearer. But many of the members of the congregation would not even be aware of that and just assume they are praying to the same god as that spoken of by The Christ. But the emphasis here is that Man's Laws and controls are part of our fall from grace so for us to fix this is to remove all those references and defer back to Natural Law. Humans do not need to be controlled. Humans need to control themselves and of course that is in reference to personal responsibility. I wonder if you are as capable of changing your view as you expect others to accept what you are presenting? So rather than separate us using religions that in themselves are separated by a certain reality, why not just use our lost spirituality rather than try to manifest more materialistic concerns built around those very religions? You are not quoting God's laws because there is nothing in any books today that reflects that, as all have been condensed and objectified to suit a purpose. God's Laws must, by default, be only associated with Natural Law. What you are quoting is the prophecies of those long past who were trying to provide good advice on how to live on the land and not on the sea. For that to happen you must remove religions from the control they hold on the minds of the masses, the profane.

  2. Brian Christians need to be baprised in the Holy Spirit and there are plenty,Christians interceding. You need to get right with,God Almighty yoursrlf by soubd of it. Thks for info, more to pray about

  3. The Pope is behind it and all and the Royal Houses of Europe and Queen Elizabeth is head of the charge. Socialism and Communism are utopian fascist tools. Socialism and communism are false promises to the masses by the fascist elite. It's all about taking the commonwealth of the people and sharing it amongst themselves. They are all fascist. They believe they own everything including us. The UN is owned by them, the police, the courts and Freemasonry itself. The Royal Families and the Pope are Druids. The NWO is the remodelled Holy Roman Empire for the 21st century. The Beast of Revelation with it's 7 heads and 10 horns, 10 crowns of Europe. The club of Rome and we are not invited. Satan owns this world and these are his servants. Their pattern is to take everything produced by the people's labour and their property and then exterminate them. Why has the Queen been silent? Because she is trying to quietly withdraw. And so is the priesthood as instructed. The suppression and restrictions we are experiencing now are upon their orders. So may the Living God "I Am" exodus 3:14 KJV protect us.

  4. I heard a phone conversation recording with Brian in the past week, with him explaining many things, but mostly about the 250 page 9 section document that he produced and had delivered to Dan Andrews' office.
    Brian is a brilliant man, a sober mind, and I would love for every Australian to hear what he has to say about the desecration of our constitution by our elected officials.
    The awake are aware and ready to fight, however we may prevail.
    Lead on my good man 🙂

  5. Respectfully, the speaker yells and generalises too much which detracts from his important message. Thank you for your efforts. I do not agree that many are consciously complicit (or at least not me) but there are definitely strong globalisation and digitalisation global trends upon us.

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