The Unemployment Numbers Disappoint!

The ABS data today was a bit of a shock, compared with expectations, as the data indicated a slowing of the employment market. Some of this could be just a Numberwang though.

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  1. So 3.5% of the working population who have registered for a job (want a job), yet you claim you can't find workers. The answer is not immigration its pay enough money to attract them … NOT some 'basic award'. Why is it when coffee or foodstuffs go up the prices increase without question, yet when you have to pay more to get workers there's a public outcry?

  2. Very good.
    Anything else to say, Tommy?
    Have you written the script, Miss Anja?
    Then I have nothing to add.
    I've almost finished the other script, Tommy.
    The one on Liberal Democracy, Miss?
    We'll use it next time.

  3. As a retired person it is amazing the number of people under 40 at shipping centre in the Day, so I think there are fibs being told about the number in the Work Force .

  4. Had to happen,the pretend economy free money printing is over,inflation has to be tamed,debt brought under control etc,employment career burden share,(job share) likely,etc to increase equitable wealth access.

  5. Thanks Mr. Martin…hey!…when you can drive down Parramatta Road at 60Kmph in Peak Hour…you know your on a winner…The Airline Companies can see it… by forecasting hundreds of millions…no wait for it…billions of dollars of losses will evaporate into a blue sky of managed profitability. Just believe it and put your hard earned up for it! Its all good.

  6. Unemployment won't go higher than 4.2% in the next 12 months, and I'm pretty sure I read somewhere recently that a unemployment rate below 5% is inflationary so good luck to the RBA!

  7. Cost of doing business is going up, It will take time to reflect in Unemployment. First inventory build up, miss revenue target, margin will get a hit, Head count reduction triggers. Ultimately return to Pre-pandemic stable demand & price curve, Whether landing is Soft or Hard, we will see in 6-12 months

  8. Australia under socialist ideologies cannot survive economically.
    Folks' retirement / super funds are disappearing fast as investments in communist China fail, inflation rises and costs of living soar.
    Invest in what Australia has, not pseudoscience ideology.

  9. Mr jobs Minister got up and said jobs grew by 900 jobs, only, but how many new work visa holders are in the country during that period thousands. Who's jobs are they replacing or offsetting. And where are these advertised job numbers? The largest online site only has 243,000 jobs listed, most of which people only last/stay 4 weeks and then re advertised as the job is impossible to do or the wage or reward is not fair.

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